Shmee Decides The New Batman!


So with Christian Bale and Christopher Nolan done with Batman, and DC/Warner Bros planning a Batman versus Superman movie it begs the question, “Who will be the new Batman?”  I have made five choices for Warner Bros, and I expect them to use one of them to make me happy, so here they are in descending order.

5: Joseph Gordon-Levitt

15th Annual Critics' Choice Movie Awards - ArrivalsThey all but set him up to be the new Batman in the Dark Knight rises, so even if they throw out the Dark Knight trilogy of films, I think audiences would except JGL as the new Batman.  He is a little short, but he is young and could wear the cape and cowl for years to come.


4: Jon Hamm

Jon-HammIt might be hard to see Don Draper as Batman, but he would make one heck of a Bruce Wayne, and everything I have seen Hamm in leads me to believe he is a great actor and he figure out how to be Batman as well.  Plus he gives off an aura of wisdom that Bats would need to beat the crap out of Sups.


3: Nikolaj Coster-Waldau

Nikolaj-Coster-WaldauYou man not recognize the name, but you may know him as Jaime Lannister.  He is kind of the opposite of Jon Hamm in that he is easy to see as Batman, but harder to picture as Bruce Wayne, I think that is because he is blonde, but he would do a good job, and do fellow blonde Bruce Val Kilmer proud.


2: Jack Huston

Jack_Huston-4He is probably the least recognizable name on this list, but I think that works for him instead of against him.  He has proven to be a very talented actor on Boardwalk Empire as the disfigured Richard Harrow, and it has given him practice behind a mask, and even as a guy I am willing to say that he is a good looking fella, so he would be able to play Bruce Wayne.

1: Karl Urban

karl-urbanHe already did the ultimate test screening for Batman in Dredd.  The emotions he can bring with just his jaw are amazing, and considering his resume: Lord of the Rings, Start Trek, he was the best part of Doom, and of course Dredd, I have no reason to doubt anything he does, and if I am going to believe Batman can trash Superman, he is the Dark Knight to do it!

Since this is the internet, I am sure you think I am wrong, so please leave your pick for the new Mr. Wayne.

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    1. Hehehe – Something tells me if he was offered Batman he would get un-busy real fast. Yes Urban has a lot of options, I have a major man crush on that dude.

  1. You’re only half right with Urban. I want him to play Batman AND Superman. If Jean Claude and Jackie Chan can do it in a movie, certainly Urban can do it better. Yeah, I’ve got a big man crush on him too.

      1. I’d be down with that. DC needs to branch out and try something different. Take some chances like Marvel is.

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