You Should Be Watching American Ninja Warrior!


For a few years now there has been a show called American Ninja Warrior it is based off the Japanese show Sasuke.  The whole concept is that prime athletes complete a series of obstacle courses with each one being more difficult than the last, and in the end they get to climb the obstacle course Mount Midoriyama.

The things they have to do on this show are amazing, and you almost cannot believe that humans can complete the tasks the game show creators come up with, and most of the time they cannot.  Because on this show if no one is good enough to complete the challenges then no one wins, and they all just try again next year.

It is great to see a game show that is purely based on physical skill and fitness, and to watch the competitors root for each other because they want to see someone win, instead trying to stab each other in the back, and technically all the contestants that qualify to Mount Midoriyama could win, so there is no reason not wish the best for your fellow competitor.

The show is on Monday nights on NBC at 8PM Pacific Time, and it is a lot of fun.  You should tune in.