Who Will Be Shazam?!


Since Dwayne Johnson threw everyone for a loop when he announced that he would be the villain Black Adam and not Shazam himself that means we need to find someone to do battle with the former Captain Marvel!  This one is a little tricky since the actor will need to be older to separate him from the actor that will be playing his child alter ego Billy.  But I think I found a good group of guys!

5: Vin Diesel


This one is kind of a stretch because I am sure that he is under contract with Marvel for Groot, and he has been hinting that he will soon be announced as an Inhuman for a future Marvel movie, but audiences would line up to see The Rock face off against Diesel again, or least that is what the Fast and Furious movies keep telling me.

4: Luke Hemsworth


Now I am not sure about the eldest Hemsworth brother’s acting talent, but it would be fun to have a little sibling DC versus Marvel rivalry, and he seems like the bulkiest of the bros.  I think it would be fun, and fun is something that the DC movies need.

3: Jon Hamm


He would need to work out a little bit, but what twelve year old boy doesn’t want to look like Jon Hamm when they are older?  He has proven with 30 Rock and Saturday Night Live that he could handle this fun character very well.

2: Joe Manganiello


I know I use him a lot, but he is like 6’5″ and has a 36 pack, so I will keep using him in my lists until he is wearing a cape.  Plus if they are worried about his acting they needn’t be since with Shazam all he has to do is fight and pose because the younger actor with be doing all the character work.

1: Brandon Routh


I know he just signed on to play The Atom in The Flash TV show, but I think it would be a fun crossover.  Plus the reason DC has Shazam at all is because they sued the creator because he looked too much like Superman, so why not have a former Superman play Shazam!  It would be fun, and he was not the reason Superman Returns did not live up to expectations.

That is my list for Shazam, and I am sure that they will use none of these actors to fill this spot, but one day they will listen to me!  Who would you pick?

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