Shmee Made It To The Dark Tower

I told myself that I needed to finish Stephen King’s The Dark Tower books before the movie came out, and I did it, barely, so now that I am free to watch the movie, the reviews say that I should skip it.  Which is a bummer because the books are excellent, and people that love fantasy novels should give it a shot.

The series is as weird and crazy as you would hope a Stephen King fantasy series would be, and it is always fun to see his other characters show up in unexpected places.  Not that you need to read his other books to enjoy The Dark Tower.  He has had such a profound impact on pop culture that you will get a lot of the references by just having lived in the 20th and 21st centuries.

If you are thinking you need a few thousand pages to read and you are sick of all the current gritty fantasy books out there, why not travel with The Gunslinger to The Dark Tower.  Who knows it may just be your Ka to do so.

Warner Bro. Delivers Two Massive Trailers For San Diego Comic Con!

While Disney still delivers a few things at San Diego Comic Con, most of their news comes out of D23, but that lets DC/Warner Bros. kind of run amok.  Which is fun for the fans to see.  This year they had tons of news about their comics and TV shows, but the biggest bombs were these two trailers.  First up is Justice League:

This trailer gives us more of what we saw in the first trailer, with five of the original Justice League members (and a sixth teased) strutting their stuff.  Not surprisingly they upped the Wonder Woman content since she officially became the highest grossing movie of the summer domestically over the weekend.  We finally get to see some of Cyborg’s moves in action.  Though Aquaman continues to steal every shot he is in, and The Flash is still good for the laughs.

Next up Ready Player One:

As Stefon would say, “This trailer has everything!”  And he would be right.  Players play Joust, Harley Quinn and Deathstroke are out on a date night, the Iron Freaking Giant is just out and about, and just about every important geek-mobile is in a crazy race!  The book was just non-stop pop culture references, and the trailer seems to indicate that movie will be the same way.  I can’t wait.

What was your favorite trailer from SDCC, or any news that you found interesting?

Freeform Is Finally Getting A Show I Am Interested In, The New Warriors!

There are so many comic book TV shows out there now.  Though for a while it seemed that DC was destined to own broadcast TV while Marvel would just keep trucking along on Netflix (with the exception of Agents of SHEILD).  Not so!  Marvel is adding two new shows this year, Inhumans and their first comedy The New Warriors.

The internet is going nuts for The New Warriors because it will have Twitter favorite Squirrel Girl played by the AT&T Girl (Milana Vayntrub).

I guess she was in This Is Us too, but who watches that show.  Anyway, I have been hoping for a good superhero comedy, so I hope Freeform can pull it off.  Though if the internet has taught me anything, The Amazing Squirrel Girl can do whatever she sets her mind to (she beat Thanos once)!

I Gave Joel McHale Money For A Book He Kind Of Wrote!

I know it shocks some of you, but sometimes I read books.  You just don’t know about it because most them are in a series, and it seems odd to review the twelfth book in a set.  Anyway, I recently finished, “Thanks for the Money: How to Use My Life Story to Become the Best Joel McHale You Can Be!”.  If you can believe it, it is satirical self help book based on the life of comedian and actor Joel McHale.

It is about Joel complaining that he doesn’t make enough money, so he hires ghostwriters to write a book to make him more cash, and apparently if we follow his life, we will be just as moderately successful as he is.  Seems reasonable.  I will not need to get as many hair plugs as he did though.

It is a pretty funny book.  It seems to know I have a weakness for witty footnotes, and this book contains a lot of them.  It is a quick read at barely over 300 pages, and quite a few of those are pictures.  It also contains a lot of info about his parents … you know what I am not going to spoil it.  Just be ready for anything.

If you like Joel “Soup Man” McHale (I am not sure he would like that name), you will probably like this book.  It is full of his biting sarcastic persona.  I know I enjoyed myself.  You will probably only be disappointed if you really wanted to buy a self help book to be more like Joel McHale.

Shmee Casts Batgirl!

After Joss Whedon puts the finishing touches on Justice League he will turn his full attention to Batgirl, so since he is busy getting the League all squared away I thought I would cast his star for DC’s next solo female superhero adventure!  Here are my top pics!

5: Chloë Grace Moretz

She has already dabbled in the superhero genre with the Kick-Ass films, so we know she can pull off the action, and thanks to 30 Rock we know she can nail down Batgirl’s quirky sense of humor.  She is a well rounded and talented young actor.

4: Emily Kinney

While she never really got to be the zombie murdering machine we know she was capable of in The Walking Dead, she did show she could keep up an amazing cast and even steal quite a few scenes for herself.  The Walking Dead has been worse without her, but I think Batgirl could be better with her.

3: Saoirse Ronan

Just because I have no idea how to say her name doesn’t mean the star of the action thriller Hanna wouldn’t be perfect for Batgirl.  I mean Hanna already showed she has what it takes.  She has been doing a bunch of indie stuff lately, so it would be great for her to step back in to the mainstream.

2: Jane Levy

Jane has been in a lot of smaller stuff, but the Suburgatory/Twin Peaks star just looks like Barbara Gordon.  I mean just put the mask over the picture above and it is Batgirl come to life!

1: Rose Leslie

I know I already cast her to be Poison Ivy, but she was John Snow’s Batgirl on Game of Thrones, and again she looks a lot like Barbra.  Not to mention since Batman is older it would make sense to have Batgirl be in her 30’s as well.

Well those are my picks for Batgirl, so of course they are the best picks.  Who do you think should wear the purple and yellow?