Shmee Casts Batgirl!

After Joss Whedon puts the finishing touches on Justice League he will turn his full attention to Batgirl, so since he is busy getting the League all squared away I thought I would cast his star for DC’s next solo female superhero adventure!  Here are my top pics!

5: Chloë Grace Moretz

She has already dabbled in the superhero genre with the Kick-Ass films, so we know she can pull off the action, and thanks to 30 Rock we know she can nail down Batgirl’s quirky sense of humor.  She is a well rounded and talented young actor.

4: Emily Kinney

While she never really got to be the zombie murdering machine we know she was capable of in The Walking Dead, she did show she could keep up an amazing cast and even steal quite a few scenes for herself.  The Walking Dead has been worse without her, but I think Batgirl could be better with her.

3: Saoirse Ronan

Just because I have no idea how to say her name doesn’t mean the star of the action thriller Hanna wouldn’t be perfect for Batgirl.  I mean Hanna already showed she has what it takes.  She has been doing a bunch of indie stuff lately, so it would be great for her to step back in to the mainstream.

2: Jane Levy

Jane has been in a lot of smaller stuff, but the Suburgatory/Twin Peaks star just looks like Barbara Gordon.  I mean just put the mask over the picture above and it is Batgirl come to life!

1: Rose Leslie

I know I already cast her to be Poison Ivy, but she was John Snow’s Batgirl on Game of Thrones, and again she looks a lot like Barbra.  Not to mention since Batman is older it would make sense to have Batgirl be in her 30’s as well.

Well those are my picks for Batgirl, so of course they are the best picks.  Who do you think should wear the purple and yellow?

Snowpiercer The TV Show? No Thanks … Wait Jennifer Connelly Is In It?! I Am In!

TNT is making a Snowpiercer TV show for some reason.  I liked the movie, but it wasn’t like I was dying for more.  I am not sure how long I can watch strange rich people and desperate poor people ride a train.  Well, I mean, I guess I do know: about two hours.  Of course none of that matters because TNT had the wisdom and foresight to cast the unimpeachable Jennifer Connelly in it.  Snowpiercer is now the greatest upcoming show on television.

You don’t know who Jennifer Connelly is? Well I don’t like you very much, but here is her picture:

She has been in a lot of stuff, but for now I will just say she was from The Rocketeer and Dark City.  You have Google for the rest.  Annnnyyyywaaay, all of that is to say, look out for Snowpiercer on TNT some time next year!  It will probably not be that great.  Except for the fact it has the amazing Jennifer Connelly in it.

Wonder Woman Is A Wonder!

I left the theater last night relieved.  Ever since Suicide Squad I had been worried that DC was going  to screw up Wonder Woman’s first solo film in her 75 year existence, but Gal Gadot, Patty Jenkins and crew pulled it off, and more than that, they gave the DC Movie Universe the hope and charisma it so desperately needed.

Wonder Woman follows Diana (Gal Gadot) from childhood on the island of Themyscira to her first outing as a hero in World War I.  This of course is a change from her comic book origins where she fought in World War II, but the time swap works well for this movie.  Seeing the horrors of The Great War really drive home her belief that she needs to stop this before more people get hurt or killed, and the world has not advanced so much that a sword wielding warrior on horseback would seem that out of place, but it still has advanced enough to provide plenty of opportunity for a little fish out of water humor.

The cast of this film is fantastic.  Chris Pine (the best Chris) as Steve Trevor is funny and brave, and a great guide to the “man’s world” for the Amazonian Princess.  His rag tag crew is a delight, but without Gal Gadot’s charm and strength this movie wouldn’t have worked.  She embodies Wonder Woman perfectly.  Angry at the injustices that are all around her, but still hopeful things can be changed for the better.  I also love Elena Anaya and Danny Huston as the main villains, they are wonderfully comic-book-y, but not in an over the top way.  They strike a good balance between maniacal sneer and believability.

That is not to say Wonder Woman is perfect however.  The final fight is a little forced and long and has too much dodgy CG.  The film at two hours and twenty-one minutes could have been tightened up a bit, but man, the second act of this movie is pretty much perfect, so I will take the slow start and generic end for those moments of perfection.  Watching Diana become the hero the world needed and enjoying doing it was rousing, and I am not exaggerating when I say, it made me cry a little.

We have been waiting forever for Wonder Woman to get her chance to shine on the big screen and Patty Jenkins delivered.  There have only been a handful of female led superhero films, and they have all been trash, so leave it to most iconic female comic book hero of all time to finally get it right.  Make sure that we don’t have to wait another 75 years for another Wonder Woman and go see this movie.  When Justice League comes out this November, Wonder Woman is going to be the draw.

What Is Sony Doing With Their Spider-Man Universe?

A few days ago Sony dropped the bomb that Tom Hardy was going to be the new Venom, and I instantly started to wonder how an almost forty year old Eddie Brock was going to be in “competition” with a teenage Peter Parker, but then Sony dropped the next bomb that there will be no Spider-Man in their newly minted Sony Marvel Universe.  How can this be?  Sony is making an interconnected Marvel Universe without their one hero.  In other words, Sony is making a villains universe.

Part of me thought that maybe Venom was going to be a one shot deal, but no, Sony has doubled down with their next Marvel movie Silver and Black featuring Silver Sable and Black Cat.  Who are Silver Sable and Black Cat you ask?  Silver Sable is a generic sexy morally gray mercenary from 90’s.  A time that featured a ton of generic sexy morally gray mercenaries, and Black Cat is Catwoman.  Not like Catwoman, but just Catwoman.  I can’t wait for the Cardiac solo flick.

I am not sure how any of this is going work, but I have an idea to try and tie it all together.  A different Spider-Man.  There are several Spider-Man universes, so why not pick one of their Spider-Men.  There are a lot of good options:

  • Spider-Gwen, this would make up for killing her recently, and she is sooo popular right now.
  • Spider-Woman, she would change things up, and let Sony use a popular hero to anchor their Universe.
  • Old married Peter Parker, because then having an old Venom makes sense.
  • Miles Morales, because then old married Peter would be dead and the older villains still make sense, and everyone loves Miles.  Even more than Peter.

And of course there are still more Spider-Men to choose from, and they are all pretty good choices to lead Sony’s Marvel Universe.  Better than Spider-Man’s villains anyway.  Especially villains like Silver Sable and Black Cat (to be fair Black Cat is pretty cool, but so is Catwoman).  We will see how Sony does, and I am pulling for them, but considering the last few Spider-Man movies, I am going to be very cautious.  This from a guy that just pre-ordered Wonder Woman tickets, and the last couple of DC movies have been less than great, or even good.

Injustice 2 Drowns Players In Content!

With the success of Injustice: Gods Among Us it was only a matter of time before Warner Brothers and NetherRealm Studios released a sequel, and they really went for it this time.  Just about all of your favorite characters are available in this twisted take on the DC Universe, and you will not run out of things to do any time soon.  My only complaints are:

  • I am really bad at fighting games
  • They really push the micro-transactions

If you unfamiliar with the DC Injustice Universe let me fill you in: The Joker killed Lois Lane and that sent Superman down the path to the Darkseid, so Batman and a group of reformed villians needed to take down Superman and his Regime that wanted to murder all bad guys.  Injustice 2 starts some time after Clark’s defeat, but now Brainiac has shown up and the world may need Superman again.

If you are thinking that is a pretty involved story for a fighting game, you would be right.  The single-player story is excellent in Injustice 2.  I would almost call it a must play for any DC Comics fans out there.  Even if the Injustice Universe is a dark mirror to the actual DC Universe (though Batman v Superman did hint at it).  The story and cut-scenes are just great!

As I said, I am terrible at fighting games, so I am probably not the best person to extol a fighting system, but Injustice 2’s feels intuitive to the point where it is easy to understand, but I am still trying to get the hang of the finer points, so my combo game is not on point.  What I am saying is, it feels good even if I have to play the game on easy.

Besides single-player, just about every mode you can imagine is available.  Including a new Multiverse mode that changes up the game’s mechanics, but the real addition is the loot.  There is tons of loot to customize the characters with.  If is fun to open Mother-boxes and see what is inside to slap on to my fighters.  Even if most players online force you to turn off all the equipment’s bonuses.  Not to mention you will need to level your heroes and villains to just put on a lot of the stuff you get.  Meaning you will have to play Injustice 2 a lot to get the most out of the ‘Gear’ system.

The biggest flaw this game has is all the focus on micro-transactions.  There are like five types of currency in this game, and you can pay for four of them.  I just paid $60 for this game, I don’t want to be nicked and dimed for other crap.  New characters is one thing, but paying to trade in ‘Gear’ is another.

I have been loving this game, and I am trying to get better at it, so that I can enjoy it more.  The terrible micro-transaction system is not enough to keep me from playing it.  If you like fighting games or DC Comics, Injustice 2 is well worth checking out.  Maybe you will see me online, and you can destroy me.