The New Star Wars Web Series Looks A Little Too Webby!

You remember when guys and gals were making web shorts in the late 90’s and early 2000’s?  That is what the new Star Wars: Forces of Destiny looks like.  It looks like somebody loaded up Adobe Animate and made some Flash films for their Star Wars fan fiction.  That doesn’t mean that I will not watch it.  I will.  It just looks like they could have put a little more effort in to this short series.  Especially if it is the launch for a bunch of new toys and dolls.  I believe it is going to be the Star Wars version of the very successful DC Super Heroes Girls, which sounds good, but it looks like they could have tired harder.

Shmee Knows The Secret To Making A Shared Cinematic Universe!

We live in a post Marvel Studios world were everyone wants to build a shared universe.  So far only Marvel is really succeeding, but everyone else is trying.  Though the Warner Brothers MonsterVerse is starting to pick up, and after Wonder Woman’s astonishing success there is hope for the DCEU.  Meanwhile Universal’s Dark Universe is dying for the second time.  So to all you movie executives out there that want to make that sweet, sweet shared universe cash, I will tell you how to do it: MAKE GOOD MOVIES.

Why is the MonsterVerse taking off?  Godzilla and Skull Island turned out to be pretty good.  Marvel movies? For the most part, good.  The struggling DCEU? For the most part, not good.  Then Wonder Woman came along and was awesome, so now people are excited to see her again in Justice League.  Know who we don’t want to see again? A kind of evil and bland Tom Cruise, who is not the Mummy, but more of a reincarnated evil god who killed the Mummy, and thus the Dark Universe no longer has an iconic character.  Instead it has a jerky god-ish Tom Cruise.

There you have it.  Focus on making good films, and for the most part people will watch them.  Especially if you have that major movie studio marketing power.  Do no make movies that are advertisements for future movies.  If you want to included a few Easter Eggs that is fine, but focus on the story at hand, not the story three movies from now.  Believe it or not we don’t care that much if it doesn’t hang together that well.  It will just give us something to talk about later.  So get out there and make those cool flicks!

With Season Two Master Of None Has Hit Its Stride!

I never thought that Aziz Ansari would have one of the best shows on TV, but here we are.  Season two of his Netflix hit Master of None is charming, poignant, and most important of all funny.  This season delves more in to what it is like to be single in this digital age while continuing to shed light on what it is like to be a minority in the United States.  Two things I cannot identify with, but this show portrays all of this in its signature mater of fact fashion while remembering it is comedy.

Master of None picks up after the first season with Dev in Italy learning to make pasta in a local shop.  He is clearly having the time of his life, but soon he will have to go back and try once again to establish his career in New York City.  The idyllic setting of the small Italian town is a great juxtaposition for the large and uncaring NYC.

If you still haven’t watched this show after my review of Master of None’s first season, I hope you will after this review of its second.  Master of None is a turning in to a masterclass for sitcoms.  We will see how long Aziz and Co. can keep this up, but I will be watching every episode that they release.  This was kind of a short write up, but it didn’t need to be long to tell you that Master of None is really, realty good.

Wonder Woman Is Having An Incredable Box-Office Run!

Remember when I said Wonder Woman was avoiding the massive day to day drops of the other DC Extended Universe films?  Well it turns out that she is avoiding the massive weekend to weekend drops as well.  In the blockbuster era any weekend to weekend drop of less than 55% is good.  Wonder Woman only dropped 43% for an impressive haul of $58.5 Million in its second weekend.  Marvel is probably kicking itself for not making that Black Widow movie.

There has been so much pent up demand for a good female superhero movie that Wonder Woman’s run is making film executives look like idiots.  Luckily for DC they already have Batgirl and Gotham City Sirens in pre-production.  Not to mention Wonder Woman 2 has no doubt been fast tracked.  Marvel still only has Captain Marvel on the schedule, but it hasn’t even finished its script.  Though I am guessing Wonder Woman’s success will set off a female superhero arms race.  Marvel has a lot of them, so it is time for them to come out shine with the ladies from DC.

Shmee Casts Batgirl!

After Joss Whedon puts the finishing touches on Justice League he will turn his full attention to Batgirl, so since he is busy getting the League all squared away I thought I would cast his star for DC’s next solo female superhero adventure!  Here are my top pics!

5: Chloë Grace Moretz

She has already dabbled in the superhero genre with the Kick-Ass films, so we know she can pull off the action, and thanks to 30 Rock we know she can nail down Batgirl’s quirky sense of humor.  She is a well rounded and talented young actor.

4: Emily Kinney

While she never really got to be the zombie murdering machine we know she was capable of in The Walking Dead, she did show she could keep up an amazing cast and even steal quite a few scenes for herself.  The Walking Dead has been worse without her, but I think Batgirl could be better with her.

3: Saoirse Ronan

Just because I have no idea how to say her name doesn’t mean the star of the action thriller Hanna wouldn’t be perfect for Batgirl.  I mean Hanna already showed she has what it takes.  She has been doing a bunch of indie stuff lately, so it would be great for her to step back in to the mainstream.

2: Jane Levy

Jane has been in a lot of smaller stuff, but the Suburgatory/Twin Peaks star just looks like Barbara Gordon.  I mean just put the mask over the picture above and it is Batgirl come to life!

1: Rose Leslie

I know I already cast her to be Poison Ivy, but she was John Snow’s Batgirl on Game of Thrones, and again she looks a lot like Barbra.  Not to mention since Batman is older it would make sense to have Batgirl be in her 30’s as well.

Well those are my picks for Batgirl, so of course they are the best picks.  Who do you think should wear the purple and yellow?