Who Should Play Ms. Marvel?


With the exciting news that news that Ms. Marvel is going to be in the next Avengers movie a lot of people have been asking me who I think should play Carol Danvers.  Fox already has two of my top picks under contract for super heroes with Rebecca Romijn and Jennifer Lawrence.  Ironically they both play the same character Mystique separated by time.  The current internet favorite is Katee Sackhoff, but I am not sold, so here are my five alternates in reverse order.

5: Yvonne Strahovski


I mostly chose her because she has the look, but she has had a lot of practice playing a hero thanks to Chuck.

4: Ali Larter


Again she is another “got the look” choice, but in TV show Heroes she was really good at giving that I am going to kill you look that would suit Ms. Marvel very well.

3: Emily Blunt


She would need some hair dye, but she is talented actress who could hold her own against the growing number of leading men in the Avengers film.

2: Claire Danes


She might be busy with Homeland, but ever since the underappreciated movie Stardust, I have been wanting to see her breakout in movies.  She has the acting chops to really bring Ms. Marvel to life.

1: Anna Trov


The Fringe star has the ability to kick butt and dish one liners with the best of them.  She will never get picked because she is too perfect for the role, but if they did, I would be one happy Shmee.

Movie studios never seem to like my casting choices, but I will keep offering my advice anyway!  Do you guys or gals have any favorites to play the current Captain Marvel?

4 Replies to “Who Should Play Ms. Marvel?”

  1. Anna Torv and Yvonne Strahovski are inspired! Just starting watching Chuck, which is wonderful, and Fringe was fantastic – both thanks to these women. Either of these two Aussies would do wonderful at the role and could carry their own movie if Marvel wanted to spin-off. Your casting gets my vote.

    1. Yeah Yvonne Strahovski would be the best if this was a Ms. Marvel cos-play contest, but Anna Torv seems to have the best personality fit for Ms. Marvel. I would believe she is an Air Force Colonel.

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