Shmee Enrolls To Little Witch Academia!

Have you been wanting an anime that isn’t full of fan service, preachy dialog, and is just sweet fun?  Little Witch Academia might be what you are looking for.  It follows a young girl, Akko, with little to no magical ability on her quest to become a witch so she can be like her hero Shiny Chariot, and I have been enjoying watching her struggle to become the best.

I find it refreshing that none of this comes easy for Akko.  She doesn’t instantly become the greatest witch of all time just because she is the hero, like so many other magical kid anime shows.  She has to work hard and study to just stay in school let alone perform any magic, and the ‘B’ plot of magic slowly depleting from the world and how it connects to the witch that inspired her is actually interesting.

If you are on Netflix, you may also see a thirty minute mini-movie with the same name and a slightly longer Little Witch Academia: The Enchanted Parade.  While those ‘movies’ feature the same characters acting pretty much the same way, the series is newer and reboots everything, so while those short films are good, they are not required viewing for the TV show.

Little Witch Academia is a fun show, and it has been refreshing to watch after the slog that was the second season of Sword Art Online.  Will Akko become the greatest witch of all time? Probably not, but her show is easily one of the best anime series on Netflix.

Teen Titans Go Gave Us The Best Possible Version Of Fall Out Boy!

Teens Titans God made an 80’s throwback rock opera, and it was sooooo good!  Now they released a music video to top it all off!  Fall Out Boy has become the new They Might Be Giants in that if you need a theme or a song for your show or movie they got you covered.  That is not something I would have expected from them when they started out their career, but hey, we all got to make a living somehow.  For now just enjoy this lovely video!

The Kids Today Have The Best Cartoons!

When I was a kid I had to suffer through tons nonsensical dialog and plot devices to see cool interlocking cat robots fight crazy evil bad guys.  Not so with kids today.  They can turn on Voltron and see actual character development and long term plots that make sense.  Not to mention bad guys with actual plans, and it all gets even better in ‘season’ three.  Plus they still get cool interlocking cat robots!  How dare DreamWorks and Netflix create quality programming for kids!

The biggest flaw in season three is that it is only seven episodes long, so it is missing a third act.  It just kind of ends, and that is how the Voltron of old would have finished things.  Just leaving kids to wonder what happened and why they all become different space explorers in the next season, but no, today’s spoiled kids get the promise of more this October.  They will get to see what Prince Lotor is up to, and I am sure it will be awesome.  It just isn’t fair.

Stupid spoiled kids and their awesome TV.  They will never understand the terrible stuff we had to watch.  Heck their He-Man and Thundercats made sense.  Sure they get terrible Transformers movies, but that seems like a small price to pay for living through the golden age of television.  Oh, if you haven’t watched it yet, the third season of Voltron is pretty darn great.  (Shmee goes to the ocean and then shakes his fist at the tide!)

We Are Getting À La Carte TV. Proving You Should Be Careful What You Wish For…

Disney announced that after its two year deal with Netflix is done it will pull all of its movies and shows off of the popular streaming service.  This is so it can launch its own online streaming network.  There has been no word yet on how this will affect the current Marvel/Netflix co-produced TV shows.  Though I am guessing due to their success they will continue to stay on Netflix and continue to be made by the same team.

The real news is that there will soon be yet another streaming TV service.  It will be joining the likes of Netflix, Hulu, HBO Now, CBS All Access, CW Seed, and the soon to be launching yet to be titled DC/Warner Brothers online network.  Plus who knows how many others are in the works.  Netflix opened Pandora’s TV box, and now every TV Service provider who’s ratings have taken a hit due to streaming media want a piece of the action.  This would be fine if the channels were going to be cheap, but it looks like they will start around $5.99 a month a piece and then go up from there.  Heck HBO Now is $15 a month.  You thought à la carte programing was going to save you money.  Well guess what, it won’t.

People are going to have to think long and hard about what services they are going to watch and need, and if these services keep dividing up their content and charging a lot for it, it may force people back to cable to ‘save’ money.  For some reason when people said they wanted to be able to pick and choose their channels they assumed that they could still just pay the $1 to $2 a channel like they are now.  That of course is not the case.

The à la carte future everyone said they wanted is almost here, and it is going to cost us all a fortune.  Not to mention the services we using now are going to continue to have less content as shows and movies are added to their IP owners’ own services.  Somehow the future is always less cool than we hoped it would be.

Shmee Does A Full Dive With Sword Art Online!

I have been watching a lot of Sword Art Online on Netflix.  Like a lot, a lot.  Is it is not great.  It is okay, but it is anime, and I find anime oddly comforting.  For me it is like curling up with hot chocolate or something, so a show that has two full 25 episode seasons is hard to ignore.

The first season is by far the best.  With much better writing, and you feel for the characters that are trapped in the titular MMO.  The second season there is a lot of stretching going on.  Five minute conversations have become full blown episodes.  You can probably skip it, but of course I didn’t.  I let it is mediocrity wash over me like a warm bath.

Do you like anime.  Does high school kids trapped in a full body MMO sound interesting to you?  You may like it too.  I would forgive you if you didn’t.  Netflix’s other show Magi is better.  Maybe I should review that since I watched it too?  Maybe I will, we will see.