The New Star Wars Web Series Looks A Little Too Webby!

You remember when guys and gals were making web shorts in the late 90’s and early 2000’s?  That is what the new Star Wars: Forces of Destiny looks like.  It looks like somebody loaded up Adobe Animate and made some Flash films for their Star Wars fan fiction.  That doesn’t mean that I will not watch it.  I will.  It just looks like they could have put a little more effort in to this short series.  Especially if it is the launch for a bunch of new toys and dolls.  I believe it is going to be the Star Wars version of the very successful DC Super Heroes Girls, which sounds good, but it looks like they could have tired harder.

Shmee Sets Sail On The Verdurous With Gargantia!

I have been jonesing for some anime, so I fired up ‘Gagantia on the Verdurous Planet’ on Netflix.  For the most part it had what I wanted: mecha, evil squid, and a post apocalyptic world filled with massive boats.  Pretty much Gargantia is the anime equivalent to Water World, but much more watchable.  Not great, but it did the trick for my neglected anime habit.

In the future the human race has left Earth and is at war for its survival against the strange squid like creatures the  Hideauze.  That is until one day a Machine Caliber (the show’s name for mechs) pilot, Ensign Ledo, is sucked through a wormhole and deposited on Earth, a planet he was told had been destroyed.  The world has gone through some changes, and it is now covered in water, so people live in massive flotillas and dredge up stuff from the ocean’s floor.  It is a difficult yet peaceful life, and not one Ledo is sure he can get used to.

‘Gagantia on the Verdurous Planet’ has all the usual stuff: a random fan service episode, questions about humanity, and teenagers taking on responsibilities that they shouldn’t, but it was still well made and engaging.  As a matter of fact I blew through it in a couple of days.  I wish there was another season or two.  Mecha Water World is just the sort of thing this anime freak is down with.

Now if you are looking for an anime that changes things up and pushes the boundaries of the medium, you will be disappointed.  Gargantia is an above average standard anime tale, but that was enough for me, and one that I think a lot of anime fans like myself would enjoy.  Plus it is on Netflix.  In other words, if you like anime give ‘Gagantia on the Verdurous Planet’ a shot, if you are burned out on anime, or just don’t like it, you can skip it.  Nothing new to see here.

With Season Two Master Of None Has Hit Its Stride!

I never thought that Aziz Ansari would have one of the best shows on TV, but here we are.  Season two of his Netflix hit Master of None is charming, poignant, and most important of all funny.  This season delves more in to what it is like to be single in this digital age while continuing to shed light on what it is like to be a minority in the United States.  Two things I cannot identify with, but this show portrays all of this in its signature mater of fact fashion while remembering it is comedy.

Master of None picks up after the first season with Dev in Italy learning to make pasta in a local shop.  He is clearly having the time of his life, but soon he will have to go back and try once again to establish his career in New York City.  The idyllic setting of the small Italian town is a great juxtaposition for the large and uncaring NYC.

If you still haven’t watched this show after my review of Master of None’s first season, I hope you will after this review of its second.  Master of None is a turning in to a masterclass for sitcoms.  We will see how long Aziz and Co. can keep this up, but I will be watching every episode that they release.  This was kind of a short write up, but it didn’t need to be long to tell you that Master of None is really, realty good.

Snowpiercer The TV Show? No Thanks … Wait Jennifer Connelly Is In It?! I Am In!

TNT is making a Snowpiercer TV show for some reason.  I liked the movie, but it wasn’t like I was dying for more.  I am not sure how long I can watch strange rich people and desperate poor people ride a train.  Well, I mean, I guess I do know: about two hours.  Of course none of that matters because TNT had the wisdom and foresight to cast the unimpeachable Jennifer Connelly in it.  Snowpiercer is now the greatest upcoming show on television.

You don’t know who Jennifer Connelly is? Well I don’t like you very much, but here is her picture:

She has been in a lot of stuff, but for now I will just say she was from The Rocketeer and Dark City.  You have Google for the rest.  Annnnyyyywaaay, all of that is to say, look out for Snowpiercer on TNT some time next year!  It will probably not be that great.  Except for the fact it has the amazing Jennifer Connelly in it.

You Can Now Own Speed Racer On Blu-Ray!

My little brother and I watched every episode of Speed Race before dinner growing up.  Our Mom didn’t like it because it described Speed as a “demon” in the intro song, so we had to convince her they meant “speed demon”.  Anyway, Funimation has released all 52 episodes on Blu-Ray, and you can get the collection on Amazon for around $20.  A word of warning though, this only has the English dub, so if you want the original Japanese version you will have to hope for a future box set, but for someone like me who is nostalgic for the crappy US dub, this is great!  Go Speed Racer Go!