Star Wars Most Overrated Character Is Still Getting A Movie…

Rumors have it that James Mangold (Logan) is creating a Boba Fett movie.  WHY?!  I am sorry internet, but Boba Fett is lame.  He is a man with a jetpack that got killed by being knocked off a hover cart by a blind man.  The only thing he is proven to be good at is hiding his space ship in trash.  That is a skill that pays the bills for sure.  He looks cool, I will give him that, but he is terrible.  The best thing he ever did was ride a pink dinosaur in the Star Wars Christmas Special.

From all accounts Solo is a fine movie, but Disney needs to start creating original Star Wars movies not just creating random character prequels.  We don’t need an Obi-Wan movie, we don’t need this Boba Fett movie, or any other random original character movie.  That being said, I will accept a Pokins movie.  His origins need to be explored.  What I am saying is I would love James Mangold to make a Star Wars movie, but I would like to see him explore something new, instead of dredging up the past.

Battlefield V Tries To Become Left 4 Dead III!

Well this was unexpected.  We were expecting a Battle Royal mode, which since they increased Battlefield V’s player count to 64, I am sure it is coming, but what we got was a new co-op mode with randomly generated objectives.  You and three other friends will do your best take on different scenarios from early parts of World War II.  As the game gets older, it will get later on in the war.  Also, there are no crates in Battlefield V.  You of course can buy cosmetics for your soldier, but you don’t need to.  They are hoping, that much like Fortnite, you will really need that scorpion bomber jacket, so you won’t mind throwing down your hard earned cash, or grinding your way to get it.

If fan reaction is anything to go by, people are really excited to head back to WWII with Battlefield.  All I know is that they had better remake Wake Island!  You can’t have a Battlefield in  WWII without it.  So if Battlefield’s tried and true gameplay with a little bit of Left 4 Dead excites you, Battlefield V launches this October.  I know I will probably be getting it, and yes, I will probably have a lady avatar!

With Black Ops 4, Call Of Duty Is Now Just Following the Leader

Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 (aka CoD: BlOps 4) was announced yesterday, and for the first time in a long time Call of Duty is changing things up.  Instead of the usual frantic multiplayer we have been playing for a really (really) long time, it is now 5×5 and adopting roles and unlockable soldiers, so if you were thinking Rainbow 6: Siege by way of Black Ops, you would be right.  Meanwhile instead of a five hour over the top campaign to give the game a focus and a theme, they have instead added a mode called Blackout.  You and dozens of players are dropped in to one map, and the last person/crew surviving wins, AKA PUBG/Fortnite.  The only thing that looks the same is the Zombies mode.

It is clear the well ran dry with the creative team over at Treyarch, so they just looked around and copied what was popular, and what is insane is that it might be working.  I mean this is the first CoD: BlOps I have been interested in, in years.  Battle Royal with helicopters and verticality?  That sounds amazing.  A faster more streamlined Siege?  Yes please!  And co-op zombie killing has always been fun.  I mean it is pretty much just their horde mode anyway.

While it is a shame Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 is ditching a lot of what long time fans have come to expect, at least they are copying all the right games.  If they can deliver everything in one well balanced and polished title, it will be hard to say no to.  Being able to switch from Siege to PUBG, and then take on a zombie horde all on the fly with the same group of friends sounds like a lot of fun.  So I will be following CoD: BlOps 4 with great interest.  It may be the one that finally brings me back in to the fold, but only because it stole from all the right people.

Destination Wedding Is The Movie We Need For These Dark Times!

Keanu Reeves and Winona Ryder in a movie being grumpy at one another might just be my favorite pitch for a movie in a long time.  After watching the trailer for Destination Wedding (not to be confused with the Hallmark movie of the same title), I hope they don’t ruin it by falling in to lazy rom-com traps.  I mean who doesn’t want a Grumpy Old Men (except one is a one woman) Gen-X edition!  But even if they do, I would watch these two watch paint dry together, so I am all in!

Looks Like Bethesda Is Going After Borderlands With Rage 2!

While Rage 2 lacks Borderlands signature cell-shaded look, the over the top zany post apocalyptic action seems a lot like Gearbox’s main money maker.  Much like with Prey, it seems that Bethesda is doing something a bit different with id’s old IP.  Which is fine, Rage was never considered a classis, I just hope it can find a way to differentiate itself from Borderlands.  The real question is now that they have resurrected almost all of id’s FPS titles, when are we getting that Commander Keen game?