Things That Sea Of Thieves Needs!

It is no secret that Sea of Thieves is a little bare bones right now.  The sailing, exploring, and fighting are all great, but after a while you have kind of seen it all.  Here are a few quick things they could add to liven things up a bit.

1: An Arena Mode

A lot of pirates out there just want to fight, so why not let them.  Have a vender set up where you can pay a little for an entry to battle other crews for the enjoyment of others.  Then take the entrants to a smaller map with just a couple of islands to have ships dart around, and loaded with bananas and cannon balls, so they can send pirates out to scavenge while that battle rages.  When it is all over the winner takes home a hefty prize and bragging rights.  Then allow people to spectate from the islands and place wagers

2: More Complex Sea Warfare

Right now you can only fire two things from cannons.  Yourself and standard cannon balls.  Just by adding a couple more shot types this could get so much more fun.  Grape shot to take out other crews while leaving the other boat intact to try and steal their loot, chain shot to take down enemy masts and slow them down, or harpoons to pull in other boats or take down sharks.  More variety would make ship to ship combat way more fun, and give people more stuff to scavenge off islands.

3: Parley/Safe Harbor

Always looking over your shoulder for other pirates is half the fun of Sea of Thieves right now, but there is no good way of just meeting up with other crews and hanging out.  If there was an island you could go to chill and talk to other crews that would be pretty cool.  Even cooler if this was something players could set up.  Maybe they could buy ravens and send them out asking for parley and setting a location, then other crews could accept or deny the request.

4: More Life Like NPCs

The only NPCs in the game are shop keeps, which I understand, but it makes the world of Sea of Thieves seem lifeless.  There needs to be more people to make this feel like a real place.  Maybe just a couple of pirates drinking and singing songs in the bar, or a couple guys wandering about.  Maybe they could even give you special quests for rare items if you listen to their tales.

I want to like Sea of Thieves.  It has the bones of a game I want to get lost in, but right now it just needs more.  More of everything.  The quick fixes above would go a long way to making things feel more fleshed out.

The Honest Trailers For Every Wes Anderson Movie Is Amazing!

Wes Anderson is kind of low hanging fruit for this sort of thing.  I mean he knows he makes movies with the same emotional beats, imagery, and story lines over and over, but we love him for it anyway.  It is just what he does.  However, Honest Trailers completely knocks it out of the park with this video.  It was all I could do to keep from crying I was laughing so hard.  Honest Trailers is usually pretty funny, but this is one of their best.  Obviously you will need to have seen a few Wes Anderson movies to truly appreciate it, but if you are fan of his work like I am, it is a must watch.

PUBG Mobile Launches In The USA!

You know how I had to give all my info to China to play PUBG on my phone?  Well now if you live in North America you can just grab it from the Play or App Stores!  You will need Facebook to log in and keep all your data, but other than that just download it and go nuts!

If you are somewhat decent at using your phone for games or understand the PUBG concept it is a great time to start playing because most people are still just trying to figure it out right now.  It is kind of like PUBG on easy mode out there.  I have a few dozen  kills and a second place finish after just three matches.  Meanwhile The Paladin has already feasted on that sweet chicken dinner.

It looks like they have also upped the graphical fidelity a bit from the Chinese release.  The windows and house interiors are still gone, but there is more grass around, and the shadow draw is just a little further out.  Still not great compared to the Xbox One or PC releases, but pretty good for a phone game.  A matter of fact it runs so well, Bluehole may want to ask Tencent to give their other versions of the game a once over just to get some extra FPS out of them.

All in all this is a great mobile game.  I am amazed with what Tencent has accomplished.  Hopefully we will see the other maps and more content show up soon.

Shmee Meets The American Gods!

The Starz TV show American Gods, based off the Neil Gaiman novel with the same name, asks the question, “What if people brought their gods with them when they immigrated to America? And what if those gods were fighting for scraps of favor from people who were rapidly forgetting them?”  The answer is, sexy, brutal, but most importantly, very strange.  The gods in question don’t behave in their own stories, so why would the act any different in this tale.

Much like the book, American Gods follows Shadow Moon (Ricky Whittle) as he tries to get a handle on the world Mr. Wednesday (Ian McShane) has dragged him in to, and what part he has to play in this war everyone is talking about.  If the story was just about Shadow and Wednesday it would be a little dry, so thankfully there is a diverse cast of crazy gods to spice things up.

If you were hoping that American Gods would be a straight adaptation of the book, you will be disappointed.  The series has taken several detours along its route, and while I am not a stickler keeping things the same between mediums, different forms of media require different forms of story telling after all.  In this case the changes are mostly not for the better.  Which is a shame since the source material has so much potential.  However, the parts they get right are really good.

Also bolstering American Gods is the great cast and Bryan Fuller’s incredible visual style.  There is always a good performance or insane set piece waiting in every episode.  Well, almost every episode.  There are a couple of filler episodes in the middle that kind of kill the momentum, but the first season starts and ends well.

Season one covers about a third of the book, and Starz has promised it is coming back.  However, the current producers, Green and Fuller, have been dropped and replaced by one of the show’s writers and Gaiman himself.  Which sounds like good news, but who knows how long it will take them to get things moving again.  Especially since Gaiman is currently producing the TV adaptation of Good Omens.  Regardless, American Gods showed a lot of potential in season one, and I hope it delivers on it in seasons two and three.  Whenever they come out.

Netflix Resurrects The Soup! (Mostly)

While Joel McHale’s new show is actually titled The Joel McHale Show with Joel McHale (leaving the door open for a Joel McHale show not hosted by Joel McHale) not The Soup, it is almost exactly the same thing.  Except now he can drop an F-Bomb from time to time and Paul Feig hangs out a lot more.  Like a lot more (he is now an EP).  Watching The Joel McHale Show every week has reminded me how much I have missed The Soup.

I understand that E! got away from its comedy line up, so The Soup apparently had to go, but we all needed something to reaffirm that pop culture was actually as silly as we perceived it to be, and The Joel McHale show brings that back.  Once a week, for twelve weeks, and we are already four weeks in.  I hope that Netflix sees fit to pick up the Joel McHale show for more than just one season.  I am not sure that it is something I can loose again.