Shmee Casts The Young Han Solo!!!!


So I am going to get this out of the way right quick, Chris Pratt is not on this list.  Disney is already paying him to play Han Solo in Guardians of the Galaxy, so I am not going to let him double dip, and honestly his name comes up first for everything these days, thus I have a little Chris Pratt fatigue.  I actually struggled with this list a little because you need that certain smarmy charm to pull off the famed smuggler, so I had to ask The Paladin what he thought because if you need to know about hot young leading men in Hollywood you ask The Paladin.  He knows.  I kid, though I did ask him.  We agreed on number one, and right off the bat number five was his choice, so here we go!

5: Taron Egerton


He was able to be the likable thug in Kingsman, so changing that to be a smuggler should be an easy adjustment.  Plus he is still at the beginning of his career, so the paycheck wouldn’t sink the movie before it started.

4: Shawn Ashmore

Ashmore speaks at a Fox panel for "The Following" at 2013 Winter Press Tour for the Television Critics Association in Pasadena

I still have a hard time telling him and his brother apart, but Shawn Ashmore is the better actor.  He should be done being Ice Man for X-Men for the time being, and he has a great resume.  He usually plays things serious, but I think he could make Solo work.  He would just need to be a better version of his brother from Killjoys (sorry Aaron, I really like Killjoys though).

3: Emile Hirsch


My problem with Emile Hirsch is that I am not sure he can smile on screen, but the photo above proves he at least has the concept down, and Han mostly smirks anyway.  Really he is on this list because of Speed Racer.  If you were in Speed Racer I want you to succeed.  I am not sure there is anything more successful than Han Solo.

2: Liam Hemsworth


Liam Hemsworth hasn’t sold himself to me as an actor yet, though he hasn’t had a lot to work with in the Hunger Games movies, but he is just so dang dreamy.  How can you not get lost in his eyes.  Quit mesmerizing me you Australian siren!  If he has any acting chops at all he would make a great Han Solo.  Though I would be worried he would smuggle away the hearts of my wife and daughter.

1: Chris Pine


In the end there was only ever one choice for the new Solo, Chris Pine.  I know he is Kirk already, but he just has the perfect devilish charm that you could hate and love all at the same time.  Plus his version of Kirk was pretty much Han Solo anyway, so this would just confirm it.  I know that is why I said I didn’t want Pratt to do it, but Pine doesn’t work for Disney just yet.  The only real reason I can see him not doing this movie is because he may be the Green Lantern soon, or in Wonder Woman.  Possibly both.  Anyway that would be a huge loss for this new solo, Solo flick because he is perfect.

That is my list.  Who do you think should be the new Han Solo?  Let me know!