Humans Beware!


Humans, the new show by AMC and Channel 4 debuted two weeks ago, and I have to say Summer TV just keeps getting better.  This show was going to be one of the highlights for the Xbox TV channel, but when Microsoft closed that down AMC swooped in and picked it up.  Though if they didn’t someone else would have because it is looking fantastic.

In a parallel time to our own they have created androids, Synths, to do their day to day tasks.  While most of them are non-thinking and only follow directions, some have artificial intelligence and feelings, and they don’t like being treated as slaves.  I can’t imagine why.  One family (with Jen from The IT Crowd!) may have got more than they wanted when they bought a new Synth for their family.

It really isn’t a new storyline (heck the show is a remake of a Swedish one), but the execution so far has been great, and I can’t wait to see how this all plays out.  The actors playing the Synths look and act just slightly off, so they make believable non-humans.  Did I mention Jen AKA Katherine Parkinson from The IT Crowd is in Humans? I did? Oh well she is, and she makes everything better.  Also I guess William Hurt didn’t get enough android action in AI, so he is back for more.

Humans is only slated to be eight episodes long, so not that much of a time investment.  Which makes it perfect for summertime viewing.  I hope the rest of the episodes live up to the promise of the first one.  AMC really knows how to green light great television!  I hope Preacher is this good when it finally airs.