Chris Pratt Snags Another Comic Book Lead!


It seems that if you have a little known comic book that you want to make a movie out of you call Star Lord, err I mean Chris Pratt.  Here is good look at the handsome fella.

chris-prattHe has just signed on to be the lead in Cowboy Ninja Viking.  Never heard of it?  That is fine, almost no one has, but it looks like Universal is not content to let Disney, Warner Bros, Sony, and Fox make all the comic book movies without them.

I am fine with Universal making movies out of Image comics, but I am not sure that I would have started with the odd Cowboy Ninja Viking.  I would have preferred they started with Invincible, or at least Witchblade or something.  Still it seems that Pratt can do no wrong these days, so I am sure he will make a fun movie out of it.

It is strange that Disney is letting Pratt take on another comic book film considering that they wouldn’t let Jaime Alexander (Sif from Thor) try out for Wonder Woman.  Maybe they didn’t have faith in their space opera and didn’t lock him down the same way that the other Marvel actors have been, or maybe he just has a better agent that wouldn’t let him get locked down.  Whatever the case, we will see him suit up as a Cowboy, a Ninja, and a Viking sometime in 2018.

Shmee Casts The Suicide Squad!


With news that Jared Leto is going to be the Joker and Margot Robbie will be Harley Quinn in the new Suicide Squad movie, no doubt as the villains, and Jesse Eisenberg’s Lex Luthor somehow attached, I thought I would do DC a favor and cast the rest of Task Force X for them.  It is a big crew, so it was hard to find good people, but I think I did pretty well.



I figure they will need a big name to head this group, and it took me awhile to come up with someone, but I think he will be perfect: Ryan Gosling.  He is young and strong, and he looks good when he is not talking.  All good things for Deadshot.  In case you have been living under a rock here is what he looks like:




This one was very easy.  Since they didn’t take my advice on Wonder Woman, I got to use her again: Gina Torres.  She is tough enough to hang with the boys, and you would take her seriously as a hero.


Captain Boomerang:


I figure this a good spot to introduce some humor, and why not give someone from TV a chance to get in to the spotlight, so I picked Jensen Ackles.  He is my favorite part of Supernatural, and I am sure he would be a great addition to the Squad.




Blockbuster is pretty much a villainous Hulk ripoff, but you know what?  A guy with super-strength is always a good addition to the team.  Since you need someone huge for this role if you don’t want to use CG, I went with Randy Couture.  He has been in several movies, and he doesn’t need to bulk-up any more.




I decided that they should pick someone that is already in the DC family, so I went with Cillian Murphy.  He was great as Scarecrow, so why not let him loose as another DC villain, but this time with a bomb in his head and forced to be good!




I wasn’t really sure on who to use with this one, but I dug deep and came up with Adam Beach.  I know he was in Walker Texas Ranger, but we are going to have to get past that.  He has been pretty good in everything else he as been in, so why not the Suicide Squad.




Last one! Mindboggler.  She is a super minor character, but I thought since she is the only other female member this time around, that I would give her some star power, so my choice is Keira Knightley.  She has done action in the past, and I think she would have a lot of fun in this movie.


Well that is my Suicide Squad movie team!  What do you think?  Or what choices would you have made?  Or what members would you rather see?  Let me know!

Let’s Cast TNT’s Teen Titans!


So I guess TNT decided that if every other channel was getting a DC show then they needed one too.  Still the one they picked surprised me, Teen Titans.  This shouldn’t be that shocking since there have now been two popular cartoons based off this property, but a show about butt kicking teenagers seems like an odd choice for the serious TNT.  To help them out I thought I would cast it for them.

Nightwing/Robin: Liam James


I know I already used him for Billy in the Shazam movie, but he could use some steady work, and he was super good in The Way Way Back, so I am using him again.  Deal with it.  I think he has what it takes to lead this group of young justice bringers.

Starfire: AnnaSopia Robb


Yeah I know she is from The Way Way Back too, but I forgot about that when I picked her.  Then when I remembered she was in that movie it made me like this choice even more.  She is a talented young actress and would have no problem being the most powerful member of the group…… unless they add a Green Lantern.

Beast Boy: Thomas Brodie-Sangster


Beast Boy was hard because he had to be funny and be able to handle the action.  Luckley for me Thomas just ended his stint on Game of Thrones (sorry if that is a spoiler), and I know he is funny because he is also Ferb from Phineas and Ferb!

Raven: Elizabeth Giles


Really I just picked her because she has a lot of experience and is brunette.   She has that superhero look, and I could see her casting a few spells.

Cyborg: Michael B. Jordan

Michael B. Jordan

Yeah I know he is in the new Fantastic Four movie, but those always suck, so I am finding him more work.  He is a great actor, and I think he would do a great job.

There.  This would be a show I would watch!  I don’t have expanded cable, so I would have to watch it on Netflix, but I so would.

Batman V Superman Gets Its Aquaman!


After months of speculation and downright denial, Variety is now reporting that it is official: Jason Momoa of Game of Thrones fame is Aquaman!


I think this is my favorite casting yet!  I know he is not blond, but he just has the look of the King of the Sea, and I can see him kicking the crap out of Superman or Batman if need be.  I just hope he shows up riding a Kraken, or you know destroys everything with a school of megalodon sharks!


Star Wars: Episode VII Has A Cast!


Just is case you were somewhere that didn’t have the internet yesterday, Disney and Lucas Film announced the principle cast for Star Wars: Episode VII.  Pretty much it is the cast from the original trilogy: Harrison Ford (Han Solo), Mark Hamill (Luke Skywalker), Carrie Fisher (Leia Organa), Anthony Daniels (C-3PO), Peter Mayhew (Chewbacca), and Kenny Baker (R2-D2).  Then a bunch of new young kids, plus Andy Serkis, and Max von Sydow.

So the new kids are probably playing the children of Han and Leia, their friends, and the guy from Girls is probably an evil apprentice of some sort.  Max von Sydow is no doubt the bad guy because if he isn’t they have the world’s worst casting director.  This kind of leaves the amazing Andy Serkis as the wild card.  I am sure he will be an animated alien of some sort, but whether his is good or bad is anyone’s guess.  I am just happy he is in it because he makes everything better!  The only real surprise is that Billy Dee Williams (Lando Calrissian) wasn’t in the line up.  How can you have a Han without a Lando?  I am hoping that he shows up at some point to cheat Han out of the Falcon one more time.

Now that they have a cast the movie feels much more real.  It actually feels like it is moving forward.  J.J. Abrams has proven he can direct fun and exciting films, so I just hope the script is well written.  We only need to wait a year and a half for a new Star Wars movie!  I know the last three should have made me more cautious, but I can’t help it.  It makes me giddy just to think about sitting in a theater, watching the intro text scroll, and listening to an amazing John Williams score!