Westeros Keeps Getting Crazier In Game Of Thrones Season 4!


So season 4 of Game of Thrones has come to an end, and I am happy to say that unlike last year, this season went out with a bang.  Everything is different after this finale.  This is the type of episode the drives home the fact that no one is safe in Westeros, and that all the people that think they are good at playing the Game of Thrones, are not.  It was also nice to see some feaking justice in this show for once!  I am concerned that they are getting rid of all the interesting people, but at least for now they have me very excited to see what happens next.

This season as a whole has had a much better pace.  It balanced out the action and the politics very well.  They managed to cram a lot in to these ten episodes.  If they do to much more they might have to start having longer seasons (only crazy people would complain about that).  Though if the writers do that they may run out of material since George R. R. Martin hasn’t finished book six yet.  I hope the show can keep up the momentum for next year, because if so this HBO subscriber is locked in until the series is done!


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