Let’s Cast TNT’s Teen Titans!


So I guess TNT decided that if every other channel was getting a DC show then they needed one too.  Still the one they picked surprised me, Teen Titans.  This shouldn’t be that shocking since there have now been two popular cartoons based off this property, but a show about butt kicking teenagers seems like an odd choice for the serious TNT.  To help them out I thought I would cast it for them.

Nightwing/Robin: Liam James


I know I already used him for Billy in the Shazam movie, but he could use some steady work, and he was super good in The Way Way Back, so I am using him again.  Deal with it.  I think he has what it takes to lead this group of young justice bringers.

Starfire: AnnaSopia Robb


Yeah I know she is from The Way Way Back too, but I forgot about that when I picked her.  Then when I remembered she was in that movie it made me like this choice even more.  She is a talented young actress and would have no problem being the most powerful member of the group…… unless they add a Green Lantern.

Beast Boy: Thomas Brodie-Sangster


Beast Boy was hard because he had to be funny and be able to handle the action.  Luckley for me Thomas just ended his stint on Game of Thrones (sorry if that is a spoiler), and I know he is funny because he is also Ferb from Phineas and Ferb!

Raven: Elizabeth Giles


Really I just picked her because she has a lot of experience and is brunette.   She has that superhero look, and I could see her casting a few spells.

Cyborg: Michael B. Jordan

Michael B. Jordan

Yeah I know he is in the new Fantastic Four movie, but those always suck, so I am finding him more work.  He is a great actor, and I think he would do a great job.

There.  This would be a show I would watch!  I don’t have expanded cable, so I would have to watch it on Netflix, but I so would.