We Know Who Shazam Is, So Who Will Be Billy?


According to the AP (they are usually reliable), The Rock (Dwayne Johnson) will indeed be in the new Shazam movie.  He hasn’t said if he is going to be Black Adam or the title character, but I highly doubt that DC is going to pay tons of money for the most likable action hero working right now to be the bad guy.  I mean everyone would instantly be rooting for Black Adam if that was the case!  Pretty much The Rock is Shazam, but with the confirmation that DC is even making a Shazam movie it begs the question who will Captain Marvel’s twelve year old alter ego Billy Batson be played by?  I, as always, am here to help, so I have my top 5 picks:

5: Nolan Gould65th Annual Primetime Emmy Awards - Arrivals

Nolan is best known for his role on Modern Family as Luke, and since Shazam has always been a more light hearted comic book, his comedic talent would come in handy.  My only fear is that he would not be able to do the more serious parts of this film.

4: Dylan Sprayberry


If your thinking he already looks like a superhero, you would be correct.  He was one of the young Clark’s in Man of Steel.  He did a pretty good job, and they could just renew his contract, but then change up which movie he is in.

3: Zachary Gordon


Zachary already has been in several movies, but they are all pretty much Dairy of a Wimpy Kid flicks.  Much like Nolan, I think his time in comedy would help him in this film, and he really, really looks a lot like Billy.

2: Joel Courtney


Joel was great as the main character in Super 8, so I know he can do the “kid adventure” part of this film well.  I can almost see him falling off of a building with his mouth taped shut, but then just before he hits the pavement freeing his lips enough to say “Shazam!”  Then the bad guys will have to smell what The Rock is cooking.

1: Liam James


I was blown away with Liam’s acting talent in The Way Way Back, and this could be his breakout role.  As much as the other kids in this list have got the comedy down, I think Laim could straddle the line between the lighter Shazam and DC’s more serious movie universe.

Those are my picks, and honestly I was just surprised that I knew the names of five actors under the age of twenty.

On a side note, I blame all of you for not telling that there is Sour Patch Kids gum!  It is great, and I am not sharing any of it!

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