The Simple Joys Of Archie!


Archie Comics are kind of the red-headed stepchild of the comics industry.  Geeks like to say they are not real comic books.  He is not a superhero, he is just apparently super attractive to people of the female persuasion.  He is the cool teen stuck somewhere in the 50’s-60’s, but still manages to have a few modern conveniences.

People like rag on Archie Comics because they don’t change, the jokes are always the same, and they don’t feature adult story lines about dudes in tights (though Archie has worn tights from time to time, and it is usually Reggie’s fault), but for me it is like taking a walk in the park.  They relax me.  Sure I know Jughead is going to freak out about burgers, and that Betty and Veronica are always trying to outduel each other for Archie’s affection, but that familiarity is what makes them special.  You know what you are getting, and they deliver the goods.  It is like being mad about a hot dog tasting like a hot dog.  Sure hot dogs aren’t great for you and are a little low rent, but sometimes you just want one.

Every now and then I see Archie’s mug staring at me by the check-out line and I just can’t help but pick him up and take him home.  There are better comic books out there, but sometimes I just want a little smile and a laugh, and not have to think a lot.  Judge me if you want, but I am one of those guys keeping Archie Comics alive, and I hope they continue for years to come.  Super Duck on the other hand can jump off a cliff!  He is the worst!

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