They Cast Cyborg For Batman Vs. Superman!


They cast a Cyborg for 2016’s upcoming Batman Vs. Superman, so I think it might be safe to start calling it The Justice League.  The man they cast for Cyborg is a relatively unknown stage actor by the name of Ray Fisher.  I am sure he will be fine, but the question is now what heroes are they going to use to fill out the rest of the Justice League.  Since they haven’t announced an Arrow or a Flash, and the Flash is a founding Justice League member, it is starting to lend credence to the rumor that they are just going to use the actors and characters form the TV shows.  Still I would like to throw a few more heroes in to this flick:

Green Lantern:


I love the Green Lantern, so this would be a perfect time to re-introduce him, and why not use John Stewart or Guy Gardner.  They can forget all about the other Green Lantern, and start all over.  It would be awesome.



They say they are still working on the Justice League Dark movie, so it would make sense to have a crossover, and Zatanna is in both Leagues.  As an added bonus she is one of Batman’s few true friends, and if he is going to fight Superman he would need someone powerful in his corner.



While she is not super well known outside of comic book circles and Cosplay conventions, she knows how to kick butt and take names.  I think people would understand an awesome girl with a cool stick without too much back story.  Honestly she is like DC’s version of Captain America, but I see no problem with that.

Martian Manhunter:


While he is kind of a stretch, he does run the League, so I think he needs to be in this movie in some fashion.  Heck he could even be the one to stop Superman and Batman from killing each other since he is pretty invincible himself.



I have never really liked any of the Robin’s, but Dick Grayson as Nightwing has always been one of my favorites.  He has Batman’s code, but he seems to actually care about the people he is saving.  In other words he is not a cold and calculating jerk all the time.  Plus something tells me Bats will need the backup.

Who would you like to see in the Justice Leauge movie?  Any big Red Tornado fans out there? (Of course there isn’t)  The nice thing about the JL is there are like six billion heroes to choose from, and while a lot of them are subpar it is always fun to see them show up from time to time.