Hey Guess What? Warner Bros is Making a Justice League Movie!


Well it is about time that Warner Brothers told us all what we knew was happening anyway, they are making a Justice League Movie!  If you can believe the Wall Street Journal anyway.  This was one of Hollywood’s worst kept secrets, even by their loose lipped standards.  It is supposed to come out by 2018 at the earliest after Batman Vs. Superman, and if people like it there will be all sorts of DC superhero moves.

It will be interesting to watch that film develop since they are approaching it the opposite way Marvel did, by making their “Avengers” first, and then having the solo films.  I hope it works because DC has a lot of really good characters that are just waiting around for someone to use them.  Who knows how long people’s appetite for superhero movies will last.

I will be curious to see which villain they use as the impetus for building the League.  I am guessing it will be Brainiac.  He is super smart and super strong, and you can use him in a myriad of ways.  Though my hope is that they use Darkseid, so that in future movies they can have the whole planet of Apokolips attack.  What is more fun than one crazy baddie?  A ton of crazy Baddies!

We have about four years and two months to speculate on this film, and I can’t wait.  Though it all hinges on Batman Vs. Superman being good.  Here is hoping.  Though a part of me just knows that Warner Brothers will find a way to screw this up.

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