Shmee Gets A New Computer Case: The Lian-Li PC-9F!

Lian-Li PC-9F

I have been on a very slow computer rebuild train, so recently I decided to get a new case to put all my new components in.  After quite a bit of researching, I chose the Lian-Li PC-9F Black Aluminum Mid-Tower case (rolls right off the tongue).  I love Lian-Li’s simple designs and quality manufacturing, but I was worried that their cases were too far out of my budget.  Thankfully the PC-9F is under a hundred dollars at most retailers, so not super cheap, but still a third the price of their other offerings.

I was concerned that since this case is at the low end of Lian-Li’s price range that the quality wasn’t going to be as good as their more expensive models, but I was presently surprised.  The case is lightweight yet sturdy, and all the edges are rolled, so you will not be spilling a lot of blood in this case.  It also comes pre-equipped with three large fans, so unless you are running some serious hardware in this thing, your kit will stay cool.  If still want your case cooler, there is an extra port on the top that you can open up for one more fan.

Like all good cases this one is completely aluminum (with the exception of some plastic snaps), and can be put together completely without tools.  You will still want to have your screw drivers and a pair pliers handy when you build your PC.  Some areas can be hard to reach once you get your stuff in the case, and sometimes things are too hard to untighten by hand.

If you are going to build a super PC with two or more video cards, water cooling, and all sorts of extra stuff you will probably want something else because I can see this case getting a little cramped with all that extra gear in it.  Though if you are spending that kind of money on your components, you should really spend a bit more on your case.  For most gamer computer builds though, this case should be more than adequate.

I really like this case.  It has a simple clean look, and since the computer I am building isn’t anything extra special it suits my needs perfectly.  I am very happy that Lian-li built a case for the everyday computer gamer with the PC-9F, and not just the ultra high end.


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