Who Should Play The Justice League Dark?


Guillermo Del Toro has been in talks with DC/Warner Brothers to do a Justice League Dark (The Justice League that deals with what goes bump in the night) movie, and if anyone is going to take Vertigo’s characters and make movie out of them it would be him.  I, being the ever helpful person that I am, thought I would cast the big five for him.

John Constantine


John is probably the most recognizable JLD character, since his book has been running for what seems like forever, and he is the center of the JLD.  I am going to pick Aaron Echkart.


He has got the look, and we saw in the Dark Knight he has no problem bringing comic book characters to life.  I think he will also do a good job of mixing the serious with the humor that Constantine needs.  Since they are going another way with Batman now, he should be free.

Madame Xanadu


The mystic of the JLD is a good opportunity to work in some young blood.  My professional selection is Kerry Washington.


She is such a good actor, so it is time to get her away from Scandal and on to bigger things.  I think she would have a lot of fun with this role.



Deadman is an interesting one since he would have to be computer animated the whole time, and if you are going to do computer animation there is only one actor you need to call: Andy Serkis.


Andy is a the best at bringing life to CG characters, and he could let his creativity run wild with the poor undead Deadman.

Shade, the Changing Man


Shade would be a good time to use an unknown actor, since he can look like just about anyone, and the public would have no pre-conceived ideas on how he should look, but my job is to cast him, so I went with Cillian Murphy.


I probably should have shied away from another Dark Knight actor, but he is so good at being moody that I couldn’t help myself.  He has proven in all his work that he would do a good job, and it would let him be the hero for once.



AKA The other JLD character people might know (but still probably not).  Since she is the one that will probably save the day in this flick, I went with someone with a lot of acting experience, and I think she looks a lot like Zatanna as well.  Jennifer Connelly.


My friends will probably just think I am picking her because of my long standing crush on her, but no, I think she has what it takes to play the master magician, and would provide a good anchor for this group.

This is my cast for the JLD.  I would love to hear your take on the JLD, or even what other characters you would throw in and who you would like to play them.  Like who would be Swamp Thing, or Frankenstein’s monster?  Leave a comment if you have an idea!  Shmee out.


3 Replies to “Who Should Play The Justice League Dark?”

  1. I also Heart Jennifer Connelly and would love to see her in a comic book movie again; just worried she would be too old. Aaron Eckhart would be great, but that Frankenstein movie he was in might predisposition to think less of this movie, just a thought. Everyone else is great, I mean how could you go wrong with Cilian Murphy and Andy Serkis? Excellent casting as always.

    1. Yeah she might be a little old, but she isn’t young in the comic book. She has been casting magic for awhile, and she is the leader of the group, so it wouldn’t make sense for her to be a twenty something.

      Aaron’s crappy role choices are a problem, but hopefully being part a group would help make that a non-issue.

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