Top Ten Movies For 2014!

With so many geeky movies coming out in 2014, I couldn’t pick just five, but this is my site, so you get ten.  Sue me!  Here are my choices in reverse order!

10: Captain America: The Winter Soldier


Marvel has done an amazing job making characters I never liked before seem great.  The new trailer for Captain America sold me with its almost spy movie feel.  The only reason this movie dropped to number ten is that I am ready for some new Marvel characters to take the forefront.

9: Jupiter Ascending



The Wachowskis don’t always make good movies, but they always make interesting movies.  Everything they make is at least worth a watch, so a Sci-Fi movie from them is an exciting proposition.

8: The Lego Movie


We are finally getting a Justice League movie!  It is being made by the people from Lego, but still, it will probably be better than whatever Warner Brothers is going to make.  I rolled my eyes when I first heard about this movie, but the trailers have sold me.

7: Sin City: A Dame to Kill For


The first Sin City movie showed what we can do with modern CGI by almost literally ripping the pages out of the comic book and putting them on the screen.  I am a little worried since this movie has been in production forever, but the last one was great, so here is hoping.

6: Muppets Most Wanted


It’s the Muppets, so I will see it.  That is all.

5: Guardians of the Galaxy


Cult movie maker James Gunn is making a movie out of one of the strangest Marvel franchises out there? Yes he is, and it is a fantastic choice.  The Marvel movies have been starting to get a little to serious, so this should fix that.  I hope Guardians of the Galaxy is crazy silly.

4: The Hobbit: There and Back Again


It has been good so far, so I will have to see how it ends.  I am hoping this third movie ties everything together, and that the Battle of Five Armies is awesome!

3: Interstellar


Christopher Nolan has earned my trust, so I will see just about anything he makes.  This space flick should be wonderful.  If Inception has taught us anything, bring your thinking caps and expect the unexpected.

2: The Hunger Games: Mockingjay, Part 1mockingjay-part-1

Good heavens the last movie was good, so watching the next one is a no brainer.  The only reason it is not number one is that it is just half of the final book.  I hope they can make a full movie out of so few pages.

1: X-Men: Days of Future Past


It is strange, only X-Men 2 and First Class have been good, but the idea of merging the two worlds and bringing Bryan Singer back to direct is just so darn exciting!  If Jennifer Lawrence wasn’t huge before, she will be after having an X-Men movie and a Hunger Games movie come out in the same year.

That was my list, and hope you liked it.  What are you looking forward too?

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