Oh DC!


The guys over at DC/Warner Bros crack me up.  Things have been going so well with the new Arrow show on the CW that they have decided to add a few more shows to their comic book line up:  The Flash, A Gotham cop show that may or may not have James Gordon in it, and saving the best for last an Hourman TV show.

Yes you know Hourman … oh you don’t.  Well I guess you weren’t buying comic books in the 40s, or paying real close attention to the Justice League of America comics.  He is always in the background somewhere.  He takes drugs to be super strong and fast for one hour, and in later comics he can see an hour in to the future.  As a crime fighter you could see how that could come in handy.  He has never really been a fan favorite, but I guess one hour precognition and general super awesomeness are easy powers to show on TV, and good on them for digging through their catalog and finding something interesting.

What is intriguing about this that there is the potential for at least four DC Comics TV shows, but that there is only going to be one movie so far, and that may not come out until 2016.  The TV people are finding all sorts of fun things to do, but they can’t get more than one creative movie group.  That is astounding.

I almost want to drive down to DC studios and shake somebody.  It can’t be that hard to write a good superhero movie.  As we all know freaking Marvel has like six of them on the docket, so I am sure that they could at least poach one of their writing teams to make something happen.

Now you may have heard that Jaime Alexander (my number 2 choice) is in talks to possibly play Wonder Woman in the new Batman Vs. Superman movie, but that is putting a lot of eggs in one basket.  I just hope that it is successful so Warner Bros can be as creative with their movies as they are with their TV shows.

Just for fun I am going to leave you with what looks like the best Justice League movie we are going to get: The Lego Movie.