Lets Have Some Adventure Time!


Adventure Time is a short form animated series by Pendleton Ward.  It follows two main characters Finn the human and Jake the shape shifting dog.  It has a massive following of viewers, and it has hit Netflix streaming, so I decided to give it a try, and it is amazing.

Each episode gives Finn and Jack some adventure to go on.  Like ward off candy people zombies, or go deep in to some forest to claim some magical object, but the shear randomness of the villains and allies they meet, and witty dialog make this show funny to watch.  This show does more with twelve minutes then some shows do with forty-four (length of an hour long TV episode), and it always puts a smile on my face.

It sounds like the voice actors must be having a good time too.  Long time voice actor John DiMaggio plays Jake, and if you think he sounds like Bender from Furturama then you would be correct, and relative newcomer Jeremy Shada plays Finn, and he is about the same age as Finn in real life.

If you need something to make you smile and laugh, and not have to worry about it getting all dark serious, then Adventure Time should be on your short list.

MST3K Triple Shot

castle of fu manchu giant leaches swamp diomonds






I have watched quite a bit of MST3K lately, so instead of giving separate reviews I thought I would give you three little quick ones.

The Castle of Fu Manchu:

Christopher Lee stars as an Asian guy that is going to take over the world by threatening to freeze the oceans.

This movie is bad, and not in the good way that makes you laugh, but that it is incredibly dull.  Once you get past the fact they dressed up Christopher Lee in the most racist way possible, nothing happens in this movie.  The best jokes in this film are about how shaken the crew of the Satellite of Love is by having to watch this awful film.  It is funny at times, but jut not enough happens.

Attack of the Giant Leaches:

This movie has a short about how the people of Atlantis are causing earth quakes, it is very funny.  I can’t believe how awful the old serials were.

Attack of the Giant Leeches is kind self explanatory.  Leeches start attacking people that live in a town near a swamp.  This is a great bad movie.  The dialog is nonsense, and the leeches are just plastic bags with circles stuck on them.  I laughed a lot during this film, and the robots and Joel have field day.  Thank you Roger Corman!

Swamp Diamonds:

This movie also has a short. It is about how to go on a date.  Oh my gosh the 50’s were awesome.  I couldn’t imagine having to watch these PSAs.  It is very funny.

The movie is about an undercover cop and some women thieves looking for diamonds their gang boyfriends hid there before being sent to the electric chair.  This movie is Roger Corman’s directorial debut, and he starts off his career like he ends it, making great bad movies.  No one knows how to act, and it is filmed like the world’s worst nature documentary.  I think this was my favorite out of the three just because the short was so good, and they followed it up with this just fabulously awful movie.

Wanna Read My Book? Chapters 1-3


So I have been writing a book for awhile, but so far I only have three chapters done, so I am leaving it up to you a little bit to see if I should keep going.  It is a light comedy/fantasy book that was inspired by a D&D campaign my buddy Andy Brim created, so if I get rich I will owe Andy a pittance.

The main reason for writing this book was to have fun, and because every fantasy book I read takes itself way to seriously.  They are all depressing, or think that they should be quoted like Shakespeare.

I am thinking of changing the hero’s name since so far it is named after me, so it is Shmee, but he is becoming less like me and more like his own person, so I think I will need to change the name at some point, but I can’t think of one I like (I guess I like myself to much).

I have read through it quite a few times, and every time I still find errors and typos, so I am sure you will too, so sorry for that in advance, but I hope you like it anyway!

Click the link below for the PDF.

**Update 12-21-2015: The new copy of the book can be found here.



Is the Army of Darkness Comic as Good as the Movie?


After watching the new Evil Dead movie and Army of Darkness recently I decided to give the comic book a try.  The first trade paper back in the series is Army of Darkness: Ashes 2 Ashes.  It is written by Andy Hartnell (Danger Girl), and illustrated by Sanford Greene (tons of DC stuff) and Nick Bradshaw who creates fan art, and because his art was of such high quality got the call to make this comic.

The comic book takes place directly after Army of Darkness with Ash just having just defeated the deadite woman at the S-Mart where he works.  He soon discovers the Wiseman from Army of Darkness in the toy aisle who informs Ash that because he did not say the words correctly that he has come back before the cabin in the woods even happened, so Ash rushes off to hopefully save his woman, and hopefully stave off the apocalypse.  As always the world is most certainly doomed.

The story works very well, and Andy Hartnell’s story is very funny.  I laughed out loud a couple of times while reading it.  Sam Raimi may not have to write a script for a new Army of Darkness movie because Hartnell’s book would work very well.

The art looks amazing, so hats off to Hartnell and Greene.  They made a very stylized version of Ash, but you know instantly who he is.

If you are looking for a funny and action packed comic book to read, then Army of Darkness: Ashes 2 Ashes is a great one to pick up especially if you like Army of Darkness.  I will be buying the next one in the series: Army of Darkness: Shop Till You Drop Dead.

A Star Trek for the Generations?


Star Trek Generations is the seventh film in the Star Trek franchise, and it serves as the hand off between the original Star Trek cast, and the Next Generation cast.  Some say it is the best odd numbered Star Trek movie, and that is probably true, but it is a bit of faint praise.

The film starts out with Kirk, Scotty, and Chekov taking a tour of the new U.S.S. Enterprise B.  They are on board as a publicity stunt to send off the new ship and take it on its maiden voyage around Pluto and back home, but as soon as they are underway they get a distress call from a couple of ships that are stuck in an energy ribbon.  Kirk saves the people on one of the ships and the Enterprise, but gets zapped by the ribbon in the process.  Two of the people they save are our villain Soran (Malcolm McDowell), and Guinan.  It turns out the energy ribbon is a place of pure joy, and Soran was not happy to leave.  Zoom ahead to the Next Generation, and we find that out Soran (he like Guinan lives for hundreds of years) will do anything to get back in to the ribbon even kill two-hundred million people.  This story proves to be the weakest part of the movie.

With this movie I could see that they thought they needed a movie that would bridge the two series together, but they didn’t if it means we have to have a story like this.  It is one of those stories that seems okay when you watch it, but it gets worse when you think about it.  For instance they say you cannot just fly a ship in to the ribbon, but that is how Kirk gets there, and they say you never want to leave the ribbon and all you will ever do is think about how you want to stay there, but Kirk and Picard do just leave when they decide it is not real enough, so it turns out this movie could have been skipped if Soran had decided just to take a ship to the ribbon and teleport himself in to it, but killing two-hundred million people by collapsing stars is more fun.

Everything else about the movie is fine.  The special effects are good and the actors all know their roles backwards and forwards by now, so they all do a great job.  It is just a shame they weren’t given something good to do.

I was surprised by this movie because I remember it being awful, but instead it is just mediocre, and brought down by a bad plot, but it does pave the way for one of my favorite movies (not just Star Trek movies): Star Trek First Contact.