Spreading Dredd


A friend of mine, Daniel Robison, pointed out that Dredd is selling very well on DVD and Blu-Ray even though it was undoubtedly a box office flop  This is great news; Dredd was a fantastic film that delivered on it promise of non-stop action and violence and it never lets up until the end.  All us geeks are hoping that if it sells well enough on DVD that it will get a sequel.  I doubt that it will work, but it is good to see a movie rewarded for its valiant effort to create movies based on comic book characters, and not compromise on what and who that characters is to add “mass appeal”. So I encourage everyone to go and check out this movie.  It should be at all major rental venues and wherever movies are sold.

A New Year and a New Blog

Welcome to Shmee.me!  I plan on giving impressions on games, movies, books, and whatever else I decide to talk about.  My blog; my rules!

I have no journalistic credentials other then fact that I have a web page, so since I am on the internet, I must be right.

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