Gotham Has Won Me Over!


When I first heard of the idea of Gotham, I was excited about a cop show set in Gotham without Batman, but then they started talking about all the high school aged villains in the show, and I got very unexcited.  I didn’t want a Smallville but with Batman, but the new trailer has won me over.  I will wait here while you watch it below…

It looks pretty good right?  I was surprised by how much this looks.  I am still not sold on the junior Bat-cast, but if they are used sparingly it could be pretty cool.  Jada Pinkett Smith is killing it as an up and coming mob boss, and Ben McKenzie looks fantastic as a wide-eyed Jim Gordon trying and failing to clean up the streets.

While so far DC has been unable to capitalize on their franchises for movies, their TV studio looks to continue to pump out the hits.  Supposedly this trailer and pilot have gone so well that Fox has already ordered a full season of Gotham.  Which is fairly unheard with five months to go until the air date.  We haven’t heard how the Preacher (AMC), Hourman (CW), and Constantine (NBC) shows are going, but with three of the six DC shows already fully ordered (Gotham, Arrow, and The Flash), I will have a lot of TV to watch.

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