Disney Killed The Star Wars Expanded Universe, And It Is OK!


When I first head that Disney was going to kill off the current Star Wars Expanded Universe, I was dumb struck.  “How dare they just toss out the stories that I love!”, I thought, but the more I think about it, the more I am okay with it.  Disney wants to make a Star Wars Universe that is cohesive and make sense, and that is a good thing.

Most of the stuff in the Expanded Universe was pretty awful anyway, and honestly a lot of it didn’t fit together, so it was broken.  Disney starting over allows them to pick and choose the good ideas out of the EU, and ignore all the garbage.  We don’t know what they are going to keep at this point, but they did give us a few examples: The Inquisitor, the Imperial Security Bureau, and Sienar Fleet Systems from the table top RPG are in the new cartoon, so you never know your favorite EU Star Wars character may still make it in.

Even if something we like doesn’t make the cut it isn’t like it is going to cease to exist.  They didn’t make EA take down Star Wars: The Old Republic, Wookieepedia is still going strong, and the books on your shelf didn’t disappear.  It just isn’t necessarily going to be treated as canon going forward.  If this was a comic book universe the fans would care less because they toss stuff out of the canon all the time.  It is just a big deal to Star Wars geeks because it has held together for as long as it has.

If the new stuff from Disney is awesome nobody will even remember that they tossed out the current Expanded Universe and started over.  They will just be enjoying the cool new stories.  As long as Disney has Chewbacca getting crushed by a Moon (best death ever) the world will keep on spinning fellow Meatbags!

5 Replies to “Disney Killed The Star Wars Expanded Universe, And It Is OK!”

  1. As long as they keep Kyle Larsen, I’ll be happy. I did think it odd to can the Old Republic though, since it was old and not related to any new stuff really. I understand dropping it, because then your cherry picking and nobody wins with that.

    1. Yeah I think they just wanted to start clean, and then use what they want.

      Something tells me that because of The Old Republic games popularity, all of that will continue for some time, and that it will be used in the official canon in some fashion. We can only hope that they eliminate the evil that is Carth Onasi.

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