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It has been awhile since I have posted because Mrs. Shmee gave birth to a little Shmee, but it feels good to start typing something up again.  I thought since I have been away so long I would do a little comic book movie round up of things I have found interesting while in a sleep deprived stupor!

X-Men: Days of Future Past is a Hit! (Now Fox is in a Pickle):

Fox was hoping that Days of Future Past was going to revive their X-Men franchise, and they were right.  Most of that success is because of the comic book movie understanding that director Bryan Singer brings to the table.  The problem is that Singer is now in the middle of a giant underage sex abuse lawsuit.  Singer has motioned to dismiss the suit, but if he is found guilty Fox is in trouble because they have pinned all their future superhero hopes on him and the universe he is setting up.  True Roman Polanski has proven creeps can work in Hollywood for a long time, but you had better believe Fox is hoping that this suit goes away, and that they are looking for a hot new young director for X-Men: Apocalypse just in case.  They say they are sticking with the director for now, but for how long?

Edgar Wright leaves Ant Man:

This is very sad news for me because when Marvel announced that the father of the hilarious Cornetto Trilogy was directing Ant Man, I was super excited.  Ant Man was looking to be the first truly funny Marvel movie, but it looks like Edgar Wright has left the project after Marvel decided to rewrite his script.  Knowing Marvel they want a certain feel to their movies, and they need the universe to hold together in specific ways.  Wright is kind of a free spirit, so something tells me those things caused friction.  I am still looking forward to Ant Man, mostly because Marvel is on an impressive streak, but this is an unfortunate loss, and I hope that Wright makes a funny movie soon to console me.

Batman V. Superman: Dawn of Justice: What is in a name?

So they named Batman Vs. Superman, and it is Batman V. Superman: Dawn of Justice.  Wow.  I didn’t think they could screw up the name, but they did.  If anything they just should have called this movie World’s Finest as a nod to the long running Batman, Superman, and Wonder Woman team up, and everyone would have lost their minds, but no, with the “V.” they made it sound like a court case or something.  Though seeing Superman and Batman sanding before a judge arguing about damages sounds awesome!  Then there is the “Dawn of Justice” subtitle.  This just sounds like they are admitting to trying to doing too much with this movie.  It is like they didn’t learn anything from The Amazing Spider-Man 2.  If this movie manages to be under three hours long I will be shocked.  They still have two years to prove me wrong, but I have a bad feeling about this.  At least DC is making great TV shows!

Anything else interesting happen while I was away that you would like my thoughts on?  Drop me a line, and let me know!

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  1. Good to have producing again, although I had the thought the other day of guest writing while you were indisposed. I could review things like about the new Ark Royal book “The Nelson Touch” (pretty good), strawberries (awesome!), or your recent child (9 out of 10, I felt it played out too long).

    I’d have to agree with the Superman v. Batman title and that a Superman v. Batman court drama would be excellent. DUN DUHN (Law and Order sound). Equally terrible names would have been Superman 2: Batman, SUPERMANS featuring Batman, SuperBatMan, or All in the Super Family. If I were them I’d just drop the v. Batman and go Superman: Dawn of Justice… or better yet take a cue from the last Star Trek movie… Superman Dawn of Justice. Colons are for the weak!

    Let me know about the guest writing.

    1. Though there is no doubt that Batman would win in a legal battle due to all his cash.

      Yeah! I am down with you writing some reviews! Send me an email with what you want your username to be.

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