Again With The Random Movie News?

Tron 3 Is A Go!


Tron and its sequel Tron Legacy have some serious issues, mostly that they are style over substance, but it is such amazing style!  They sound and look so good!  There is nothing like them in movies, and that is why I am excited to see that according to Tron 3 will start shooting in October.  I can’t wait to jump back on to the Grid!  Maybe they will learn something from Tron Uprising and tell a good story this time around?

Chris Pine For Green Lantern?!


With Chris Pine’s stint as Captain Kirk coming to an end it would makes sense that he is looking for his next big thing, but him as Hal Jordan?  I can see it, and according to the Latino Review he is the one DC is going after, but I was really pulling for Idris Elba to be John Stewart.  He would be terrific!  Now this is still very much a rumor, so Idris has a chance.

All New All Male Ghostbusters!


Apparently Sony wants lots of Ghostbusters movies, so according to Deadline they have green-lit a new Ghostbusters movie with an all male cast to follow up the all female version coming out soon, and they are going to exist in the same universe.  Then Sony wants them to have Avengers-like crossovers.  With the terrible time Sony has been having with the Spider-Man universe, I am not so sure about this idea.  We will see, but I am very skeptical.  One well-made movie sounds great, but several mediocre movies?  Not so much.

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