The Untitled Star Wars Film Has Its Lead!

Felicity Jones

Disney is very serious about getting one Star Wars movie a year made, so they are doing their best to get the casting done on the Gareth Edwards’ Star Wars spin-off by all but signing the Theory of Everything star Felicity Jones.  Jones had a great year in ’14, and to be able to cash in on it by landing a lead in a Star Wars film would a great way to start ’15 off.  If this movie is successful she would become a very big name indeed.

I am curious to see what the director of the latest Godzilla film will bring to the table, and to see how much freedom Disney will let him have to come up with something new inside the Star Wars Universe.  I hope they make something amazing!  But, before I get too excited, (it is already to late) we will have to see how Disney does this Christmas with Episode VII.

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