From Gilded To Silvern!


Silvern is the second book in the YA series that started with Gilded, which I liked quite a bit.  Christina Farley takes us back to a fanciful version of South Korea where Jae Hwa just can’t seem to get away from the spirit world.  This book was not quite as good as Gilded, but it was still a fun read.  Plus it turns out “Silvern” is a real word that means to be made out of or look like silver, so a new word to randomly work in to polite conversations.

The story picks up quickly after the first book, and Jae thinks she is done with her supernatural past, but sadly that is not the case.  She is now being sought after by the Lord of the Dead and Spirit Leader of North Korea, Kud.  It turns out her last adventure was minor compared to what is ahead of her.

This book has some issues.  For one it has a twist that you see coming for a mile away, and secondly it doesn’t have a real ending.  It is all pretty much setup for Brazen the third book in the series.  That being the case Farley has an entertaining style and Jae is an interesting character.  Plus with ever other YA book taking place in the USA or England, South Korea remains a nice change of pace.

It is also nice that this book doesn’t outlast its welcome.  It seems like all books these days have to be like 10,000 pages long and include 800 characters, and still not tell a complete narrative.  I am looking at you David Webber!  This book stays very focused.  Something I wish more writers would do.  Not everything has to be an epic.

While I do feel this book was a step down from Gilded, I still enjoyed reading it, and I look forward to Brazen coming out soon.  Maybe after that book we will get a little closure with this story.  Christina Farley has talent, and I look forward to her future work.