Star Wars: Rogue One, What Is In A Name?


Bob Iger made two big announcements yesterday, Start Wars: Episode VIII will open in May 2017, and the name of the new stand-alone Star Wars movie, Star Wars: Rogue One that comes out December 2016.  If you are any kind of Star Wars geek at all this name will sound familiar.  Rogue One is a call sign in the Rebel Alliance’s elite fighter group the Rogue Squadron.  The Rogue Squadron, as I am sure you know, used to include Luke Skywalker and Wedge Antilles.  I am guessing Luke and Wedge are no longer part of the Squadron, though they may be advisors.

This name means that probably everyone was wrong when they were thinking this was going to be a bounty hunter movie, or a smuggler movie.  So either this is a side story to the events of Episodes IV-VI, or the Rogue Squadron is now on Empire clean-up duty and galaxy policing.  If it is galaxy policing than I guess it could contain bounty hunters and smugglers, but just not in the way people were thinking.  I am very excited to see where they go with this flick, and I am glad all the “insiders” were wrong.

Here is to a new Star Wars movie every six months!

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