Bats V Supes Moves A Little Closer And It Isn’t Coming Alone!


Just yesterday I was talking about how I was going to be exited for Batman V Superman in May 2016, but then Warner Brothers went and announced the movie dates for their upcoming line up, and low and behold Batman v Superman has moved to March 25th 2016.  That means I will not have to wait quite as long!  They probably didn’t make this move for me, but instead did it so they wouldn’t be sharing a release date with Captain America 3.  They want a whole month all to themselves to recoup the costs of this no doubt expensive movie.

They also released the date for the Harry Potter-verse movie Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them of 11/18/2016.  Which is now a trilogy, and then they called dibs on all sorts of future dates.  Here is the complete list:

Batman V Superman – 03/25/2016

Untitled DC Film  – 08/05/16

Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them – 11/18/2016

Untitled DC Film  – 06/23/17

Untitled DC Film  – 11/17/17

Untitled DC Film  – 03/23/18

Untitled Warner Animated Film – 05/25/18

Untitled DC Film  – 07/27/18

Untitled WB Event Film – 11/16/18

Untitled DC Film  – 04/05/19

Untitled Warner Animated Film – 05/24/19

Untitled DC Film  – 06/14/19

Untitled DC Film  – 04/03/20

Untitled DC Film  – 06/19/20

Untitled WB Event Film – 11/20/20

The “Event Films” are no doubt the Fantastic Beasts sequels, and it looks like WB is going to try and cut in to Disney’s stranglehold on animation.  If we look back at the list that leaked earlier here, we can probably fill in Shazam for 8/5/2016.  The rest of the dates are moving around, but I would guess Sandman and Wonder Woman would fill in the next dates with the next Justice League movie showing up in March again for 2018.  After that your guess is as good as mine.

Still it is impressive to see that many DC movies lined up.  If you were worried that you would be without caped crusaders on the silver screen.  Never fear it looks like DC has got you covered.  Once you get to March 25th 2016 that is.

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