And Now Somthing About You!

Since it has been 30 days since I started this blog I thought I would give you some of the stats about its usage.

Over the last 30 days 125 unique users (or computers if you like) have visited my site, and they have visited 442 times.  They have viewed 798 pages of content, and stayed on my site for an average of 2 minutes and 45 seconds.

The posts with the highest views besides the main page are: Good Day to Die Hard, Le Miserables, and The Diaspora Trilogy.  The least viewed posts are: The Pirates! Band of Misfits, Treasure Planet, and Spreading Dredd.  So it appears you like current movies and books vs. older movies and lesser known comic book heroes, who knew.

Most of you use Comcast accounting for 185 of the visits, 55.9% of you use Windows, and 23% of you use your iPhone.  3% of you use Linux.  Internet Explorer is the browser used the most, and Opera is used the least.

It has been fun running this site, and I hope you are enjoying reading it because I am having fun writing it.  And if it freaks you out about what I know about your site viewing habits blame Google.

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