What is a Diaspora?

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I recently read The Diaspora Trilogy.  It is a series of books about a young man who finds a watch, and the watch starts to teleport him to random places.

I got started with this series because the first book, John Gone, was attractively priced at one dollar, and I didn’t have anything I wanted to read on my Kindle.  This was a great marketing ploy because the series then had me hooked, and I had to pay about five dollars each for the next two books: Missing Signals, and Company Men.

In the first book a sixteen year old named John finds a watch that attaches itself to his wrist and will not come off, and it then starts to take him to random places on the planet.  He also then finds out that the watch allows him to talk to a Dr. Kala that tells him if he keeps jumping that he will die.

It is a pretty good setup, and finding out what John will do after every jump is exciting.  The only problem with the book, and the second book for that matter, is that they do not have real endings.  They just leave off for the next book, so you really don’t get a full story with just one, but I guess that is how you make money off of a one dollar book. Which is also why I am not going to provide basic plots for the next two books since they would just be spoilers for the previous ones, but it safe to say that the rabbit hole starts to get much deeper.

I don’t think the author, Michael Kayatta, will win any awards for these books.  They have some spelling and grammar errors, (Much like this review) and the books don’t have any deeper meaning other then an exiting adventure, but they are good fast read, and he knows not to let up on the action.

I noticed that the first book has gone back up in price, so more people must have fallen in to the one dollar trap, but I think they are still fun and worth a read at their new slightly elevated price, but if they drop back down to a dollar then they have my fullest recommendation.  You can find books on Amazon here.

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  1. I’ve been looking for something to read next. I’ve mentioned “Wool” to you a few times and it seems to share the same aspect with these books in that they end a “book” (I use the quotation marks because the first four in the series are actually just progressively longer short stories.) The stories stop with no real ending. Thankfully it’s very affordable to buy them all in one volume, essentially making it one big book. I’m going to look into getting the Diaspora books from the library when I finish my current read.

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