You Should Buy Overwatch!


You should totally buy Overwatch.  I know I keep saying it is overpriced, but I have decided that for something this well balanced and fun, I was wrong.  It is totally worth the $60.  Though if you are going to buy it on PC get the $40 version.  The extra skins don’t make the game worth $20 more, and I think that was my hang up for buying Overwatch for consoles.  We didn’t get the option to spend less for things we don’t need, or that we will earn anyway as the game progresses.

Still there is definitely well more than enough gameplay to justify the asking price, and every time I get a little bored I switch characters and the game completely changes.  Even with 21 starting heroes none of them are throwaways.  Well maybe Bastion, I am not one of those people that think he is too overpowered, but it is just that sitting in one place and not doing anything is not fun.  Sure at some point you will probably get one epic kill streak with a shot a getting the ‘Play of the Game’, but it is a long wait.

What is even more astonishing is that I am having fun playing this game without my friends.  None of them have picked it up yet, so I have been left to play this game with random strangers.  Normally this would be the death of a multiplayer game for me, but I am having a blast without them!  The game is just that good.  Blizzard has made yet another classic, and I hope that they keep adding to this wonderful game.  Who knew that the studio who conquered MOBAs (Heroes of the Storm), CCGs (Hearthstone), ARPGs (Diablo), MMOs (World of Warcraft), and RTSs (StarCraft) would be so good at FPSs as well.  I wonder what genre they will tackle next.

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