Overwatch Day 1!


If you follow gaming at all, the launch of Overwatch has been inescapable.  When beloved developer Blizzard launches their first new IP in almost two decades people take notice.  Heck, even I preordered, and I am not a big fan of preordering unless reviews are already out.  So with that much excitement how did Blizzard’s servers hold up?  Pretty good as far as I can tell.  I heard there was some trouble initially with the first wave of players, but when I got on around 9PM Pacific Standard Time things were running smoothly.

As far as the game goes, I didn’t notice anything different from the Beta, it is still a team based shooter where you either defend or try and capture objectives.  The fun comes in trying all the different crazy characters and trying to figure out how best to use their abilities to complete your objectives.  I still think it is a little over priced, but obviously that didn’t stop me from putting my money down (Yay birthday money!), and Blizzard is known for supporting their games, so I would be shocked if a few more modes don’t show up shortly.  My guess is King of the Hill is the first one to get added.

If you get the game look up Shmee on Xbox Live and maybe we will play a round or two together.  If the servers survived day one, I am assuming that they will stay stable for a while.  That is unless some hacker group decided to spoil everyone’s fun.  Jerks.

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