Shmee Doesn’t Know What Game To Buy This May!

I am in uncharted territory, there are three games I want to buy in May.  Yes the May before summer.  Yes the May where we usually just have to play whatever mediocre game some major publisher decides to bless us with.  Not this May!  This May I have to make a decision.

This first game I am desirous of is Battleborn:


I am a little hesitant because it is a little too MOBA-y, but I really like Gearbox’s games, and the single player/co-op part of the game I liked.  Maybe if there were some straight up shooter multiplayer modes it would make my decision easier.

Next up is Overwatch:


Say what you want about Blizzard, they know how to make a great game and then support it forever.  The only thing holding me back from Overwatch is that there isn’t a single player.  It is just multiplayer, so if I suck at the MP it will be a wasted purchase.

Lastly but not leastly Total War: Warhammer:


Finally a game that encompasses how epic the Warhammer universe should be!  The problem with this game?  It is an RTS, and I am less than par at RTSs.  I always mess something up with my attacks and defenses.  I guess I am bad at grouping things, but the gameplay has looked amazing.

Any normal May just one of these games would be coming out, so they would have been a must purchase, but this May, I have to pick one.  I am thinking I will end up with Overwatch because I know that Blizzard will make sure this game is as perfect as it can be, and then I will get Total War: Warhammer on sale later.  Battleborn?  If my friends get it, I will get it, so I can play with them.  Still what a great problem to have in May.

Are you getting a game this Spring?  If so which one and why?

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