Wonder Woman Is Having An Incredable Box-Office Run!

Remember when I said Wonder Woman was avoiding the massive day to day drops of the other DC Extended Universe films?  Well it turns out that she is avoiding the massive weekend to weekend drops as well.  In the blockbuster era any weekend to weekend drop of less than 55% is good.  Wonder Woman only dropped 43% for an impressive haul of $58.5 Million in its second weekend.  Marvel is probably kicking itself for not making that Black Widow movie.

There has been so much pent up demand for a good female superhero movie that Wonder Woman’s run is making film executives look like idiots.  Luckily for DC they already have Batgirl and Gotham City Sirens in pre-production.  Not to mention Wonder Woman 2 has no doubt been fast tracked.  Marvel still only has Captain Marvel on the schedule, but it hasn’t even finished its script.  Though I am guessing Wonder Woman’s success will set off a female superhero arms race.  Marvel has a lot of them, so it is time for them to come out shine with the ladies from DC.

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