Wonder Woman Is Doing Something New For The DC Movie Universe!

It is obvious by now that Wonder Woman is a huge hit.  It made $103 Million in its opening weekend, and Warner Brothers executives had said they would be happy if it made over $65 Million, so the movie cleared that bar with relative ease, but what is impressive about that number is that Wonder Woman “only” made $38 Million on its opening day, so to get to $103 Million it had to hold off having the massive day to day drops that have plagued all the other DC Extended Universe films.  In other words, word of mouth has propelled Wonder Woman forward while it has dragged all the other DCEU films back.  A new phenomenon to be sure.

This shows what good reviews can do for a film.  While without them you can still have massive opening weekends, the day to day numbers start to crash as people learn that the movie isn’t worth their time.  Wonder Woman on the other hand is definitely worth your time.  With that in mind it will be interesting to see how Wonder Woman fairs this upcoming weekend.  Batman v Superman‘s box-office take fell a massive 69% the weekend after its opening, and Suicide Squad dropped 67% off of its opening weekend total.  Man of Steel has done the “best” so far with a 64% drop off.  With how well Wonder Woman is doing it will be interesting to see if it can pull off something close to a 50% drop.  Still, anything in the low 60% range would be a massive improvement for DC/Warner Brothers.

While movies are about entertainment and “art” it is always kind of interesting to track the business side of the industry.  Right now Warner Brothers executives are no doubt lighting a fire underneath the Wonder Woman 2 creative team, so they can get that movie rolling.  Word on the street is that they haven’t even picked a time line for the new movie yet, and the only thing set in stone is that it will be in America.  It will be interesting to follow, and I hope they don’t rush it too much.  Here is hoping Wonder Woman’s second solo outing will be as good as her first!

CREDIT: All financial data was obtained from BoxOfficeMojo.com

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