Why Is There No Avengers Love For Captain Marvel?


I have been hard on DC for not releasing a Wonder Woman movie for a long time, but I decided that DC wasn’t the only major comic book movie house ignoring a major female superhero.  I should be just as hard on Marvel for not releasing a Captain Marvel movie, or at the very least including her in The Avengers: Age of Ultron.

While it is true that Captain Marvel has not always been a woman, but she has been since the 80’s, and now they have cemented that by merging her with Ms. Marvel last year, which was kind of a no brainer.  She may not be the most well known hero, and a lot of people confuse her with DC’s Captain Marvel (AKA Shazam), but she is as main line as it gets.  Plus no other movie studios can lay claim to her.  She is way more well known then the Guardians of The Galaxy which get their movie next year, and way more popular than Ant Man which is in pre-production.

What is great about her for a movie is that she can stand on her own, and she is not a part of X-Men or something.  She plays well with Avengers, as a multitude of comic books can attest too, so working her in to the next movie just makes sense.  She is one of the best heroes in Marvel’s catalog, and she is being left on the sidelines.

I know they are just movies, but I think it is time for one of the ladies to get up there and join the men in the spotlight.  Captain Marvel can hold her own, she just needs a chance to prove it.


Daniel adds his thoughts to the lack of female superhero movie’s today as well, but about Wonder Woman.

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