Get Pulled In By Gravity!

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I finally got to see what all the fuss is about, and I went and watched Gravity.  It is amazing!  You should really stop wasting your time and just go watch it now.  Don’t make my mistake and watch it on a standard screen: see it in 3D IMAX because it is stunning.  Alfonso Cuarón has created a masterpiece, and he will be a force to be reckoned with this awards season.

The story is simple.  There is a disaster in space, and Dr. Ryan Stone (Sandra Bullock) has to find a way out of the sky before she dies.  That is it, but it is breathtaking. I literally stopped breathing few times.  There is no time to look away, and there is no down moment.  The disaster happens over three hours and you are there for an hour and a half of it.  It is you and Dr. Stone trying not to fall out of space.

Ryan is brought to life by Sandra Bullock, and she owns this movie.  Everything is from her point of view.  I have never seen a movie use so much first person point of view camera work, but it works and it draws you in to Dr. Stone’s struggle.  She is scared and courageous all at once, and she makes us all feel the same way.

Alfonso Cuarón has made a feast for the eyes.  Everthing works, from the aforementioned first person camera work to the crazy good special effects.  It looks and feels like you are in space, and you just want to Dr. Stone to get on the Earth in one piece.  It is tour de force filmmaking.

Like I said when I started this review, you need to see this film, and you need to see it in theaters.  You need to let space envelop you.  Movies like this are the reason theaters were made, so go get your butt out there and check it out.  Otherwise it will be like Pacific Rim and you will have missed it.

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