Why I Pre-Ordered An XBox One


I almost didn’t pre-order an Xbox One, but thanks to K-Mart releasing their stock for pre-order on the day I sold some stuff on eBay, I got one on reserve.  This was going to be the console cycle that I held off and waited to see if there were any issues with the hardware, or any major gotchas attached with getting one, but the tech lust go to me.

I would like to say that I got one because there was a game I needed to play, or some feature that I had to have, but really it was just because I had gotten both previous Xboxes on day one, and I had to do the same this time.  That’s it.  It is a new Xbox and I had to have one.  Nothing is more consumer America than that.

I can’t wait to set it up and fiddle with it.  I will let you know how it works, and maybe I will post one of those awful unboxing videos.  Since Microsoft now lets me turn off the Kinect, I no longer have to worry about it watching me … watch it.  I am also excited about the new indie games program id@xbox, and I hope it pays off.  If they really let me use my Xbox as a dev-kit, it may be time to create my own game.  Blade and Feather: The Game!

I can’t wait for November 22nd to be able to play with my new toy!  If you ask nice maybe you can come and check it out too.  Though you may have to bring an extra controller.

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