Things We Learned From The Fallout 4 Trailer!

The Fallout 4 trailer (as seen above) launched yesterday, and that is all that video game nerds like myself could talk about.  It was a pretty good trailer, though nothing too interesting happens in it.  They are not ready to give away everything yet, but it does give us a few hints about the game:

1: The game takes place in Boston.  I still think this is an uninspired choice, but it is fine.  There are a lot of good landmarks that will be fun to see decaying, and it will give greater tie-in to Fallout 3 (Washington D.C.).

2: The dog is back.  I hope he lives longer than ten minutes this time around.

3: It looks like they are going to go more in to the back story of the nuclear war that put people in the Vaults in the first place.  That should be interesting!

4:  You are from Vault 111 this time around.  I wonder what sort of terrible things Vault-Tec did to those poor saps.

5:  It looks like there may be some color this time around.  It was nice to see something other than gray, brown, and tan in a Fallout game.  I hope that continues.  Color in a Fallout game would be a welcome change.

6:  Home base might be more than just a place to store your stuff.  They showed some power armor up on a tool bench.  Maybe the home shop will be a place for some serious customization?

7:  Did the main character talk?  That would be a first for any Bethesda game let alone a Fallout game.  That would be quite the change.  You never know, the guy at the end may have just been a side character, but I doubt it!

Anything you noticed about the trailer that you think we should all know about?  Please let us know!

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  1. I liked one guy’s comment of, “Maybe you play as the dog? That would be cool.”

    Agreed random guy from the internet, agreed.

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