Community Season 6 Comes To An End!


I can’t believe it is over.  Thirteen episodes just go so fast, and when they were as good as they were in season six of Community it is sad to see them go indeed.  Everyone was on their game, and the new characters added to the group while still having their own voice.  Season six of Community might be one of my favorite sitcom seasons of all time.  We will see how sitcom history plays out, but everyone involved still deserves a big hand even if they just end up on the list of greatest sitcoms of all time, and not on the top.

The final episode was a great way to end it too.  With every person choosing how the “next season” would play out.  It was funny and touching in a way that the forced “growth” episodes of season four the could never hope to pull off, and if it was the last episode of the series, it was a great place to end it.  Plus the episode may have ended on one of the greatest Community style meta jokes of the entire series, or ever.  A wonderful way to drop the mic on the way out.  Though after making it six seasons they kind of need to do a movie now.  There is almost no choice.  They started the six seasons and a movie rallying cry, now they have to follow through.

I was doubtful that the Yahoo! season would be any good, but I have loved every second of it.  Sure there were of couple of episodes that weren’t perfect in the middle, but over all this was a great year, and I look forward to sitting in a theater and watching the movie to cap it all off.  Good job everyone!  You made the internet better for thirteen weeks, and that is something to celebrate.