Well I Hope You Don’t Like X-Men Comics!


Marvel has announced that they are launching 55-60 new comic books after their Secret Wars event, and it looks like the Inhumans are going to be the new version of the X-Men.  The X-Men are too popular to do away with completely, and there will be a sprinkling the them thrown in to other comic books.  You know, for flavor, but they will not be a main force in the books anymore.

I am not sure how too feel about this.  On one hand them getting rid of the X-Men going forward does not cancel out all the great comic books of the past, but it does seem like the suits upstairs are starting to interfere more and more with the comic books coming out of Marvel, and I don’t think that will end well.  I hope it does, but it is starting to dim my view of the Marvel enterprise.

The X-Men are dead! Long live the Inhumans!