The LEGO Movie Blu-Ray Update!


I thought pretty highly of Warner Brother’s The LEGO Movie when it came out in theaters earlier this year, so I went ahead and bought the Blu-Ray. My thoughts on the movie itself have not changed, but I decided I would give you my impressions of the home video experience.

It is an animated film, so it looks great in high def.  The colors pop, and everything is crisp and clear.  In the theater I wasn’t able to fully appreciate all the bumps and seams on the characters that make them look like real LEGO mini-figs.  The fact they made the movie completely re-creatable with LEGO toys is impressive, and when you watch it at home the detail really comes through.

They have put a good amount of special features on the disk, like an Everything Is Awesome sing-along, why Batman is a true artist, and some deleted scenes.  You know the usual stuff for a kids movie, but it is all done well.  As always they include DVD and Ultra-Violet copies so you can watch this movie anywhere, or just keep the kids quiet on those long car rides.

If you love silly films, or just need to see most of the Justice League on screen, this film is well worth the purchase.  It looks great on your big screen, and children and adults will love it (if they don’t, they hate joy).  I hope that its 18 Million sequels (there are at least three in the works) will be able to keep the quality as high.

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