The Force Is Strong With Star Wars: Rebels!


I missed the launch of Star Wars: Rebels because I don’t have Disney XD, and I don’t see myself paying for it any time soon, but I will say that Star Wars: Rebels is good enough to have me considering it.  I was upset that Disney canceled the Star Wars: The Clone Wars cartoon, or as it is known in geek circles the best thing to come out of the Prequel Trilogy, but by returning to the time of the original trilogy Disney has got me excited for The Force Awakens!

The plot is simple, an orphan boy Ezra Bridger falls in with a group of smugglers, but he soon finds out that they are more than what they seem, and the Jedi aren’t all gone after all.  I know the Jedi part was a minor spoiler, but since they spoil that in the trailers, I feel like I can let that slip as well.

So far, I am not a huge fan of the look of the cartoon, but I am liking the characters and the tone.  Which is far more important, and after watching the show in motion for awhile, the look has started to grow on me.  I am genuinely interested to see what else is going on in the Empire besides Luke and Leia.  I am also wondering if we will see these characters pop up in a certain new movie coming out next Christmas.

If Disney XD was still airing Tron: Uprising I would be calling Comcast right now to get the Disney XD channel.  As it stands now, I will patiently be waiting for them to re-air episodes on the plain ‘ol Disney Channel (like how I watched show for this post) or Netflix (please don’t make me wait for Netflix!).  If Disney can build on the success of these two cartoon shows, we should all be in for a treat with The Force Awakens!

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