Star Wars: Rebels Season 1 Wrap Up!


I have to say that I was really disappointed when Disney stopped Star Wars: The Cone Wars to start their own show, but Rebels has been great, and season one ended even better.  There will be some spoilers in this piece, but so be it.

I was always hoping that they would bridge the gap between The Cone Wars and Rebels and with the season finale they finely did it.  They brought in Darth Vader and Ahsoka which is great, but it raises all sorts of continuity questions.  Like if Darth Vader knew that Ezra and Kanan existed why does he think that Luke is the last Jedi?  You would think he would have mentioned that to someone that there are Jedi seemingly all over the place.  That makes me think this series may end in a dark place.

All that aside what really sold me on this show is how all the characters have grown.  Ezra is learning to trust in others, and Kanan is learning to be the Jedi that he was training to be before Anakin killed them all.  The show can get a little too silly at times, but hey it is still a kids show, so why not get a little silly.  They are also breathing more life in to the rest of the cast as well.  I would love to see more solo episodes with Hera and Sabine.  They seem like they have a lot to offer, but the Jedi are taking center stage.  Sabine especially as a Mandalorian would be interesting.

Anyway.  If you are not watching Star Wars: Rebels, you really should be.  It is a great show, and it is getting me even more excited for the new movie coming out THIS CHRISTMAS!!!!