Guardians Of The Galaxy Blu-Ray Update!


Well Marvel’s mega-hit Guardians of the Galaxy has made it to home video in time for Christmas!  I thought I would give you my eyes on impressions of the release.  There aren’t any directors cuts or anything, so my thoughts on the actual movie itself haven’t changed, and you can read them here.

The disk transfer looks great.  The color palette really pops in high definition.  I am guessing this movie is going to be running in loops on high Hi-Def TVs in electronics stores for years to come.  It just looks amazing.  It is nice to see a comic book movie really embrace the original medium’s eye candy color scheme.

The special features are all pretty standard.  There is a making-of, a gag real, and some deleted scenes.  There aren’t any scenes that you will be disappointed didn’t make the theatrical release, but there are a couple of good jokes.  I won’t spoil them for you, but they are worth watching.  Still, they probably would have slowed down the pace of the movie to leave them in.

If you are a comic book fan, or just a Marvel movie fan, then this Blu-Ray is a must buy.  If you are just a fan of good movies, then this movie is still worth the price of admission.  It might even be worth it just to have another good movie to show off what your TV can do.