Some Windows 10 Beta Updates!


Windows 10 has been out on PC for a few months and it has been a worthy upgrade, but on the phone it has been a different story.  It has been a slow buggy mess.  To be fair it was in more of an alpha state instead of a beta, but that has changed with Build 572.  It finally feels fast enough to be a decent upgrade to Windows 8.1, or at least on a downgrade.  I hope things keep progressing this way because it would awesome for Microsoft to have a viable mobile operating system, and as a bonus have it be the same OS that is on all their other devices.

Also on the Windows 10 upgrade train is the Xbox One.  It is being call the new Xbox One Experience, but it is really just Windows 10 with a new console interface.  For the most part the new interface layout does make basic day to day tasks better, but one problem is that the Apps and Games section feels disconnected from the rest of the layout.  They should be just a blade away instead of an app.  It makes it feel disjointed when you are looking for a game.  They are starting to upgrade all the preview program members, but I think they may be pushing it a little.  While I haven’t had any major issues with the new interface it does feel a little glitchy still.

The last little piece I am going to talk about is the new Windows 10 like start menu that they gave older Surface devices.  It was nice of Microsoft to do something for Surface and Surface 2 users, and I love having the Start Menu back, but they really should find a way to put Windows 10 on these tablets.  They should be far more capable then a cell phone.  It just seems like they are burning those early users.

I hope Microsoft’s unified platform works out for them.  They have a lot of work left to go, but for users to have one OS across all their devices would be amazing.  We will see how it turns out later this Fall.